Well, I've mentioned my best friend here before.. He's a nice guy. We talk a lot. He comes to me every time he has a problem with his girlfriend, and I've even stayed up nights talking to him for hours together when he's hurt. In his defense, he's been a good friend too and been around when i needed to talk about my crush.

I was texting him a couple of days back, sometime around ten in the night. A little later he sends me a message saying that he's run out of cash on his phone and can't text anymore, says bye in a real hurry and vanishes. I'm totally ok with this, cos it can really happen. But ten minutes later, he sends me a message saying "ok darling.. want to talk? or shall we sleep?" and this was meant for his girlfriend. he sent it to me by mistake. So when i told him he's sent it to me by mistake, he says "oh. sorry. i suck" and i said it was ok.

he didn't reply to me that day. and he hasn't made any attempt to talk to me since, even at school. i'm really upset because i wish he'd at least been honest with me about wanting to text his gf, instead of making up that lie about his money. or at least tell me he's busy. now i feel like this idiot who's taking too much of his time/money. i feel like he doesn't need me as a friend. this is killing me.

 am i wrong in waiting for him to say something about this first? i don't want to talk to him again till he does, because i'm worried i'm just wasting his time again.

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Don't feel like an idiot. You're friends and you like to talk to him. There's nothing wrong with that. He should have been honest with you and he wasn't so shame on him. He may not be talking to you because he might be embarrassed about doing this. It sounds like his friendship means a lot to you -- if I was in your place I'd try to approach him, at least you'll get an answer. Good luck I hope this works out for you.