This happened just this past weekend and I am still going thought a bit of shock. I've not really talked to them any. The must know something is up, but probably not sure what that may be.

Lets start from the beginning, my best friend (I'll call Rachel here) and I have know each other since we were 5 years old and found out our birthdays were only two days apart. We have been best friends ever since, thought the hard times of our teen years and our college days till we both graduated last year and took different jobs.

About two years ago I meet this guy (I'll call Mike here). Mike and I started dating and about six months ago he asked me to be his wife. I introduced him to Rachel thinking that I wanted my best friend to be a part of my happy life with Mike. As it turns out that was the biggest mistake I could have made.

I started getting a bad feeling about things two months ago, when I started noticing little comments they both made. Like they were hitting on each other when they thought I couldn't hear them. I let it go thinking the best of them both. I thought that they must just be close friends to, as they world not hurt me. This went on till this past weekend when I got hit in the face with what was really going on behind my back.

Mike worked for a large store in the office, sometimes in the past I would sneak in and surprise him while he was doing paper work and no one was there but the security guard, who soon learned who I was and didn't hesitate to let me in. Friday night I was at home watching TV waiting for Mike to clock out later, I had called Rachel to see if she wanted to come over. She told me she couldn't go anywhere tonight cause she was sitting for a neighbor and the baby was asleep. I didn't have any reason to doubt her, so I called Mike to see if he wanted me come to his work place. It was a surprise when he said "No, he had to much work to do."

This really puzzled me as I'd been there when he was in the middle of hundreds of things to do, but it never caused a problem. I decided I would go and cheer him up even thought he said for me not to come. When I got to the store the guard let me in with the same smile and greetings as always and I went back toward the office area.

When I started climbing the stairs I heard a odd sound from a door near Mike's office. I thought at first it was some one watching ****, or that there was obviously two people sneaked in and were having sex. When I got to the window that looked into the office I was nearly floored by what I saw. There was Mike and Rachel over on the couch in the corner, having sex. It was obvious from the sounds and the expression on her face that Rachel was a consenting participant. I stood there in shock for about five minutes at first hoping one of them would see me, but when it became clear they were so focused on what they were doing that they wouldn't or couldn't see me, I walked back out.

The guard asked if I was ok, I told him no. He handed me a tissue to wipe the tears that I hadn't noticed away. He asked if there was anything he could do, and I said no. I got in my car and went home and have been avoiding the two of them all week and ignoring the phone. This coming weekend I'm thinking of confronting them but don't know what to say or how to go about it.
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Good luck girl! So sorry those two pathetic losers did that to you. Karma will come back to them. Feel free to message me if you wanna talk.

Thanks, I'm getting ready to go confront them tonight. We are all three meeting for dinner at this restaurant in town. I'm also taking my cousin that is a state trooper in case one of them decides they want to get out of line. I didn't think at one I'd have to worry about that, but if I hadn't walked in on them the other day I'd called some one a liar for telling me about it.

Good luck. 😔

Just wanted to update everyone on this story as it went cold for a bit......
I ran into Rachel in a store yesterday,,,she pregnant by a guy she cheated on Mike with.
Mike moved out of state (at least what I was told by a reliable source)
and I may soon have a new date that so far been treating me like a princess.

I hope your new friend treats you with more respect. You sound like a lovely woman with high moral standards. You deserve to be treated as such.

Thank you, so far he has. He's been in a bad relationship before as well. Just taking our time to see how things play out.

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