She was there when I passed my driving test,
Held on tight thru the country roads we travelled.
Touched my soul at 18, helped me thru the mess,
Of a broken heart, as my fragile parts unravelled.
She saw my family grow, was there for graduation,
We danced and played away our twenties thru the night.
Drank Stella and Bud and had the odd hallucination,
We were always there for each other, each one a guiding light.
In our thirties i lost my baby, I went to her to grieve,
And I sank into a depression that hell sent.
I thought she'd stand by me, and never ever leave,
But she took more than herself when she went.

She did the unthinkable, I thought I was unsinkable, but she thought it and sank me til I drowned, she knew she no longer needed me around, thought she would lie and steal the love that I'd found, and she stole my world, stole him, without a single sound.

She. Killed. Me.

Now all I have left is a dish that's best served cold,
And tho I may sound evil, no doubt you think I'm crazy,
I would snap her neck or drown her like I've told,
But then - she was my best friend and she betrayed me.

Slinks Slinks
36-40, F
Jan 22, 2013