By The Closest Person Alive....

This was a horrible betrayal and it rocked my world.  This is causing a lot of confusion, hurt and pain inside of me.  Not only did this hurt me, now it is bringing up everything I have ever gone through in my life.  It reminds me of a lot of things that I tried to block out that I am now forced to deal with.   I had been helping this person with her finances for almost two years.  I had to move out in March due to her emotional manlipuation and abuse.  She would constantly yell and scream at me.  I was treated quite badly, even though I was invited there to try to get my life back together.  It was supposed to help me, but I ended up taking care of her instead.  I was still helping her until this month, because I had to pay for my car.

I sent a real nice letter telling her that I was unable to send her the money anymore because of my car and my boss said that I had to have a car to keep my job.  My aunt came to my house and started yelling at me, calling me a 'fat *****' and said that I had no right to take care of myself.  She was hysterical and said that I was no longer her niece.  She also said that if I don't come up with the money that she was going to sue me and slander me.  After that, she came at me and tried to hit me.  I pushed her back and told her that she could not hit me.  I told her she needed to leave and that I was calling the cops.  She came at me again and I shut the garage on her and finally got her out of there.   I can't believe that she would hurt me like that.  I found out later that she was lying and manlipulating the family into believing that I was the bad guy.

Now I have paid the ultimate concequence for taking care of myself, I lost my aunt, whom I love with all of my heart.  I pray that she gains her mind back so we can love each other again.
compulsion2 compulsion2
22-25, F
Aug 6, 2010