The measure of a good friend is standing by your side, not only when you reach rock bottom, but also when they do. It's easy promoting your character when nothing's at stake. Words are free, after all. No one's perfect and I don't look for perfection. But claiming to have my back, then running away the one time I needed you, the one time I needed anyone to stand by me...To add insult to injury, doing so claiming you have to look after your own best interests...You know what? Have a nice life.
guiltybyassociation guiltybyassociation
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2011

I can totaly relate to that. When we hit low points in our lifes we certainly find out who our true friends are! :-/ x

I agree 100%!

Yes i do agree. Loyalty is a necessary part of friendship. It is selfish and immature to run away when your friend needs you. Very bad behaviour indeed. I say good riddance to people like that too. It is wise to choose your friends carefully :)

It says a lot about a person's personality and I don't want to be associated with ****** people like that. Certainly not call them my friends.