Betrayed By Tis Lady Tat I've Always Putted Her No.1 In My Heart!!!!

I so confuse where 2 kick start my NIGHTMARES in my entire life!!!!!
I just couldn't believe tat,e person tat i actually love 4 e past 11 year,is tat PERSON tat DISGRACED me & hurt me so deeply!!!!
It started in mine newly,renovated apartment tat i've just brought wit my lovely wife!!! She actually got n excuse,tat she needed someone 2 lend her a helping hand wit our newly furnished furniture tat arrived,when i was at work,tat she invited one of mine close drinking buddy over 2 our place "FOR HER NEEDS"!!!!!
My wife wanted 2 know things tat she's been suspecting on me over e past weeks,& decided 2 use her nice & well shaped hourly glassed figure(after 2 kids),2 seduce tis close buddy of mine,& make him confirmed her's,suspicious towards me wasn't wrong!!!!!
she confessed n told me how she done it,tat makes tat so called good buddy of Mine,cannot resist tat temptention of F****** her!!!!!!
She even addmitted tat she allowed tis man 2 *** on her FACE,& even SOLLOWED it 4 him,2 sastify his needs,just to make him say out whatever i'm hiding from her!!!!!! E best part was,they actually flimed it & let me hav a chance 2 find it & watch,them in bed.....watched my wife having my best buddy D*** inside her!See her screaming & moaning while enjoying another man F****** her!!!!!! Tis is disgusting!!!!!!! I am hurt,,,,,,,,So DEEPLY HURT!!!!!
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Sep 23, 2011