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My story is classic. I started an affair with this married man. He was charming but he lied from the very beginning. I just was taken in by this man. I have continued to stay with him. But his alcohol abuse is destroying our relationship. He could careless cause he wants to do whatever he wants. He excepts the world but gives very little in return. I know the letting go of him is for the best. My mental health is being tested everyday. So now I have just decide to ignore him. This is what he wants so I'm done. Go back to your ex wife and just leave me.
butterflylady21 butterflylady21 46-50, F 5 Responses Mar 12, 2012

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This post is several weeks old. I wondered if you kept this promise to yourself and let him go...and how are you doing in this new part of your life?

I found out he had died in June 2012 . He cheated with his ex. I don't know how he died. I found out this year he died. Thank you

Its a pity it took you so long to wise up to this guy; I hope you make better choices in future, however you seem to have a way of finding the wrong person...I`m not criticising you, just hoping that you can set your sights a little higher; good luck with your life.

Wow!<br />
What did you think you were getting? Obviously not anyone of any quality or worth....<br />
Any man or woman that would cheet on their spouse is not to be trusted or believed!<br />
They should all do the world and their spouses/Ex spouses a favor and kill themselves.<br />
They have nothing of real value or worth to add to this world other than pain.<br />
Good riddence to bad trash....Good for you move on and take note of the lessons you have learned here.<br />
God Bless.

Thank you I had to really see the real him. Been about 2 weeks now. I'm feeling a lot better about myself. God bless you

Your very welcome my dear...Take care of you now....To hell with that looser.

Update: he has gone back to his ex wife. I found out he had cheated with her. So I kicked his *** to curb permanently. She wasted 29years on him. I only wasted 3 years. He not even worth the effort. So peace out you both belong together. Alcoholic liar cheating creep. I'm moving on to a better me. May 3 2012

Pleased you've let go.