Emotionally Wrecked

Tonight I feel mentally and emotionally wrecked.How could you not feel guilty of playing with my feelings?I thought I have found someone at last who will guide me through this dark tunnel.I was going on, on my own,slowly gathering the broken pieces of my heart. Why did you come back to raise my hopes high? What was the need to lie about your identity? You abused my trust again.I was looking for a new and honest friend who would help me forget the past,forget you and move on.Why did you trick me, hiding your real identity?Were you checking to see if I am alive?Why do you even care when you've chosen a path,separate from mine?There are million and millions out there,why do I have to always bump into you?I wonder how may masks you have on your face.Does it make you feel good to see me crying and dying inside?Why can't you see,I have to cut all ties if I have to truly let you go.Maybe you wanna help me but you can't.You are more helpless than I am.
I am caught in a vicious cycle of fate.I am struggling to break this cycle and you don't let me.An irony of fate.Lord my hearts cracked about to break, How much more pain can I take?I am still crying.My heart is aching and the pain which was dormant for years has suddenly become active.And this time I have let my guards down and I don't wish to protect my heart.I can't hold this pain inside anymore.I am destroyed.
coldontheinside coldontheinside
5 Responses Apr 28, 2012

You need therapy to find out why you are fling for the same story... Find your balls and get strong.

who ever it is, they're not worth it! How does the saying go? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me? Falling for the same trick twice? My sister married the same man 3 times. Come on people, if it don't work out the first time, it sure as hell won't work a 2nd or 3rd that's just plain common sense!!!<br />
I'm sorry you're hurting and have been fooled. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope life treats you kind. Love yourself and respect yourself and demand the same from those you choose to surround yourself with. God Bless!

The pain you feel is obviously real....But this too shal pass, as good friends have said to me ....and it does. For how can we know and savor the the joys and sunshine in life if we do not experience the rainy days too. One must have a benchmark from which to recognize Sadness from Joy....Savor and appreciate the Joy in life always.<br />
May God Bless you and keep you..

Sorry your life seems to be like that.

amazing .it happens to me just shy away i of all have felt it before