You Say You Love Me Psychotically

You say you love me but you are forever trying to change me
As if for one second you think I do not know it is so you can feel better about you
you trying to dominate me so who is dominating you
Experiences and Knowledge beat wisdom by far
Every line you throw I done heard them all
Every song you gonna sing i heard the lyrics
People like you I have been around my life
I wish you try to play me I was already prepared for you
You deny everything you do
Minimize your actions
What did I expect it is what emotional abusers do
You wanted size fourteen why did you look my way
You are a follower not a leader you can't listen to what you hear
Those with whom you listen I did in a ****** up way
Waste my time, energy attention I could have directed another way
those did in come my way cause once your weakness show
Were you questioning how this would go
Try Honesty Cause A Lie Get you nothing but truth

natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
Jun 1, 2012