Tonight I Was Reminded

I was reminded of why I cant trust you. Your lips speak nothing but lies. Your eyes set to kill. I loved you for 2 years and gave you my all but you still went to that party and you still screwed him. I hope trading my trust was worth the quick ****.
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7 Responses Jun 17, 2012

So much pain. Sorry this happened to you..

I had that happen to me. He promised that if I saved myself for him then he would stay faithful only to figure out he was screwing her the whole time.

Sorry to hear this.

i hope instead o f scarring your heart it only makes u stronger so that u love and be loved in return much much more .

ive recently experienced this, it hurts like hell.. but we have to see that were better than them as we would never want to hurt anyone :)

im sorry that she did that to you hurt you. that was not cool at all. you seem like a good guy so really its her loss. llike you said,i hope it was worth it. if you ever want to talk,feel free to messege me whenever

Wow I'm sorry she cheated on you if you ever need to talk I'm here for you or if you just want to vent about it.