Few Sad Lines......

She is just little too scared to get close because everyone who said they'd there or seems to be dearest one , LEFT...........
Fallofwinter Fallofwinter
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I always recall what my grandpa told me once when I read/hear something like this:

Life is like traveling, say in a bus/train. You share/live/laugh with the passenger sitting next to you until their stop comes and then they get off and you...well you share/live/laugh with the next person who gets on.

Yes, so true! Many people comes in our life, Many of them left. Then again new people comes in our life, we carry on our life journey. But, we are human, have a heart, need someone special or partner and don't want to left.

You will find that person one day winter. Dont give up hope :)

Thank you. Floydian.

Seems they always do eventually.

Yes, but why?

I guess it's just human nature for people to 'move on' at some point. Most are too weak or blind to follow their heart so they follow whatever other signals they get instead.
I really have no answer because I can't understand it myself.
All a part of life, I suppose..