I Thought She Was My Life Long Friend

i had a best friend who i did everything with we were friends from when we were 2 years old. then my dad married her aunt so made us cousin but we looked at each other like sisters we tried everything together every night we would sleep at each others house i was about 16 when i met the love of my life lol well i was 16 i thought it was the love of my life we started dating cuz of my best friend he already had a child by another girl so there was lots of problems wit him and we been together for 3 years and i got pregnant wit his child he was a criminal so he spent alot of time in jail and i was by his side so well i was pregnant he was out doing his thing to make money and i was always at home by myself when i was about 4 months my baby daddy got arreast and he got arrested wit my best friend i didnt understand why the **** they both got arrest of course no one told me cuz he didnt want me to leave him and keep our child from him. so months went by i had my daughter and he was in jail. one day i went to his sisters house and my so called bestfriend was there and i didnt understand why she never really talked to me but anyone wit kids knows that when ur a new mother u dont have time to do much but sleep when ur kid isnt crying lol and all my kid did was cry i didnt sleep for months so when i was at his sisters house everyone was holding my child and taking pictures even my so called bestfriend i didnt think nothing by it since from when we were kid we always said we would be each other child god mother. so i chilled wit her my daughters aunt n my child later that night i went home and my daughter aunt said she was going to sent the pictures she took to her brother i still wasnt really talking to my so called bestfriend and i still didnt understand so a few weeks latter my daughter aunt called me and was like i need to tell you something you should sit down so i did and she told me that around the time my baby father n best friend got arrest they had sex . **** that was the worst feeling in the world i was so mad and betrayed like what the hell did i do to diserve that like why the hell would u hold my child and take a picture like that just blew my mind alway its been 3 years i havent taalk to her i still ask myself was she ever my friend why did she do that but i could never bring myself to ask her cuz i still get so mad that ill hurt her and him fml im stuck with him i dont really talk to him much unless its about my daughter but i hate them both i would love to get even and make them feel like how i felt but im better then them im just sad that thats how u throw away a life time friendship. only thing i can think of is she wanted my life or she was jealouse but funny thing is the dude/ my baby daddy is a loser my daughter dont even know him because he is always in jail. and not that long ago i found out she was pregnant and as bad as it sounds i hope that someone dose the same thing to her or karama gets her cuz she is so shady. now because of her im scared to trust anyone :s anyone have this happen to them???
audalean audalean
22-25, F
Sep 17, 2012