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Heart Of A Wounded Woman....

He was the father of my children, the watchman (pastor) of my soul. But he lied, and spoke words that would haunt me to this day. The pain cut so very deep that over time it would reshape my life forever. Wounds do heal, but memories last a life time....
Ladyis1 Ladyis1 51-55, F 5 Responses Sep 20, 2012

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He spoke words that cut deep because the nature of your relationship meant you were vulnerable. His betrayal hurts, there's no changing that. But did those words come from truth, or from a flawed human being?
There's a space between what life dishes out at us - and how we (eventually) choose to respond. In that space is the control of your life.
I suggest that whatever he said was not from love, not compassionate, and reflected his own flaws - not who you are. I'd be searching for the place inside yourself to treat those words with the contempt they deserve. I'd get indignant. How dare he treat you like that?

Tks. Trust me, I rose above it (him) along time ago..... I give No One Power over me.

Good to hear. But i'm not minimising what you said - memories do last a lifetime...

: ) . Enjoy your night.

Must have been enough to alter the course of your life. I wonder what was said to do that?

Oh yes, it did alter the course of my life. But to know I can see or speak to him without ill feelings gives me a great sense of wholeness.....

Same here, been years but they memories stay fresh for some reason. Glad you are ok with it also :)

: ) Blessing and Peace.

Thanks, peace for our hearts is what we all need :)

Honnor and truth go hand and hand...

Indeed.... Tks.

Wow, does this sound familiar to me. Sorry to hear you went through this also. So true, they do last a lifetime.

It's been yrs since this has happened. But the memories are still there. I made it...... So will U or the person you may know that have experience this. Tks... Enjoy your weekend.