The "claim" Boyfriend

Today I was sleeping when the phone ring...
It was my solicitor. I am kind of surprise because I was meant to speak with her next week and now I am receiving her call (ummmm) what is going on? I though maybe good news.

Well I had an accident in 2009, someone crash my bike and I am having a claim ongoing. At that time I was with a guy that I though it was the one. He helps me a lot, he looked after me all the time, when I needed him, he was there was for me...

I had recovered from the accident, went back to work and tried to get my life back. I moved out to a flat in London with my boyfriend and everything it was happy, he was always concerned about my claim. I thought it was normal because he was my partner and he was just worried about me.

But things started to get a little different, he wasn't the same he changes that much.
He spent hours in front of the computer and talking with people that I didn't know, but I was ok I am not a very jealous person so I gave him his space.

After a couple months I discovered he was speaking with a girl from his natal town (Ecuador) I was destroyed leaving him. I took the bills from the flat in my own and carry on with my life.

Some time past without knowing about him, until one day he left me a text saying that he was sorry for what happened and he wants to apologize and help me out with the bills but it wasn't true. He never called back or sent some money or nothing else, I carry on paying hoping that my claim will come to terms and I will receive some money to cancel my bills and maybe going for holidays, will be nice.

Today my claim seems to come to the end and I am looking forward to get the compensation. I am so happy :-) after all this time.
But today the solicitor call me and tell me that my ex boyfriend call her asking about my claim. WTF, I came to the conclusion that my Ex boyfriend it was with me because he was expecting to receive some of the benefits of my claim and life is so unfair.

I cannot believe there is people out there are like him that wants to take advice from other people.

This is a message for all the people to beware of persons that are only with you for interest and to love someone for what there are not for what they own, life is so precious to be wasted with the wrong person find your soul mate , that special person that makes you feel full and that accept the good and the bad of you, because it come part of the package.

Nice day to everybody

Ps: apologize for my bad English I am learning to write. Thank you for reading
juliet1986 juliet1986
26-30, F
Sep 27, 2012