I Thought He Was Different

I thought he was different that he wasn't like the rest. That he acutely cared how felt but I gusse I was wrong I saw him that night kissing my best friend my heart shatters into a million pieces all they did was glance at me and continued I thought I was going to die hat my life was over
Misty567 Misty567
13-15, F
2 Responses Oct 29, 2012

Awe sweetie you are young and at an age that everything hurts so much. It's not you guys at this age are literally a ball of hormones that will jump anything. Just let him go because I bet you there a so many other boys waiting to treat you right.. Hugs!!

Now you know, men are all the same. Its a fact. Oh wait, you actually took the one that wasnt like the rest, the one that cheats on you in your face, be grateful.

I gusse so