Why It's Not Worth It To Have Friends.

I was just recently betrayed by a close friend. She and I are co-workers in the same department and we both hate our job and try to find a new one constantly. Recently my friends sister told her she and another girl we work with should apply for a position she was hiring for at another hospital. My friend decided that it would be too far of a drive for her to make. Luckily my mother works in the same town as said hospital so she and I could car pool. I told my friend this and asked her to let her sister know I would be applying. Well she let her know but I think she told her not to hire me. When I tired asking her about it she either changed the subject or ignored me. She has sabotaged and discouraged me trying to leave many times, but always expects me to help her with applications. Well she just got a job offer working over in the pharmacy making 15 bucks an hour to start. It just drives me crazy because she even said "Well you would be much better at this than me." Not only that but the reason she was offered the job is because she smooches the *** of the person in charge of hiring, all the time. How can she say I'm one of her best friends when she tries to hold me back all the time? She doesn't care if I'm happy she just wants to be better than me. I realize this sounds whiny but it's hard to convey the gravity of the situation.
GlitterQueenXO GlitterQueenXO
18-21, F
Nov 19, 2012