Im So Lost :/

With every thing going on in my life i wasnt paying much attention to my boyfriend :/ and well we spent saturday together went to the mall with some friends it was nice after that we went back to one of his mate's house coz his parents were somewhere and every one was drinkin hanging out eveyone was getting ready to go out to an 18th party i wasnt up for it i just wanted to go to my nanas so i pulled him in to the room to tell him i was gonna leave at first he was okay then
Him:What's going on with you!!
Me: what do you mean?
Him: Dont you wanna go out with me anymore so much for FOREVER!!
Me: Holyshit im telling you im going to my nanas not breaking up with you WTF!!
Him:Dont lie to me first time in ages when you dont have to go home you wanna leave SO WHATS UP AYE !!!!!
Me:Well Im gonna leave now Kay text me after or something well have Fun kay see you 2molo maybe Love you
Him:...Love you too
so i got droped off to my nana's i was on facebook all night then i was tagged in the photos he was in and in this photo that was on his page that i wasnt tagged in to he was kissing my enemie i sat cryed then i commented on the photo say: NAAAAW HOW CUTE ;) well i hope you enjoy that S.T.D bioootch.
i was pissed my besty came over i cryed she cryed and i told her out of every **** there it had to be her :'( He keeps texttin and calling trying to tell me he was drunk and it was a dear Like REALLY 11 mouths must mean jaaak **** to you
ohmylife ohmylife
13-15, F
Nov 25, 2012