A Different Kind Of Betrail

I was betrayed by my "best friend".

Now I put best friend in quotations because I thought she was my best friend. I trusted her and now I don't know what to do with her.

I will start from the beginning. We met in high school she was a year older than me, and we became best friends fast. We were a lot alike, except that I was a more tone down version of her.

Anyways I met my high school sweetheart in the 10th grade, this boy literally stopped my heart and dropped my jaw. She decided she liked him too. Long story short the night Me and my sweetheart finally became a couple she slept with him. It broke my heart. I stopped talking to him and forgave her and we went about our business. I should have stopped being friends with her then, but I didn't.

Fast forward to the present, we a still best friends. Until she tells me that she did the one thing I've asked never to do. She slept with my brother. Now before anyone dismiss this and says who cares if they like each other who am I stop them, I know that I can't stop two people from being with each other. And I know that if they liked each other and she would have said something to me i wouldn't be mad. The fact of the matter is she's been sleeping with him off and on since 04, and she's never said a single thing. Even when she thought they were getting serious.

I've lost all respect and trust for her, and I don't know what to do. This is the person who's been there when I need someone, she's my child's godmother, and she claim to be part of my family.

Who do you trust if it's not your best friend?
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Jan 1, 2013