Violation of Social Contract

 Everyone has been “betrayed” by someone, whether it’s broken promises from parents or a complex web of deceit concocted by a perpetrator. The motivation of the person who abandons the presumptive confidence you gave them, both puzzles and repulses me.

I have great faith in the goodness of the human spirit and have a propensity to trust people easily. Unfortunately those who are Machiavel in character have broken my trust…. several times. The anger and disgust (by the lack of integrity of the person) you feel is only overshadowed by the ominous task of terminating the false relationship which you so lovingly nurtured.

The wounds of betrayal stay forever green, you never heal entirely. – true confessions of pain.

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6 Responses Jul 11, 2007

Yeah. Same here.

I too would like to thank you for summarizing the very pain that I feel inside in such a lovely way.

Worded beautifullly.... thank you for putting into words what I could not.

yes..nice words you put

It will change! Feel the breeze?

I have this pain at the moment ... i have been betrayed and yet they dont know that i know... he bullshitted me and i knew he was deceiving me and yet I still carry this pain with me .. I never said what i knew ... i never said what i should have ... it hurts deeply esp when it keeps me awake at night because i feel i cant betray him .... Karma .... karma ..Still waiting for that to get them..... they deserve it... but not from me.... I just want to sleep........ can i ever forgive or forget ?? I so want to... why didnt i tell him what i knew...

quite true ... they don't ever fully heal but with time they scab over only to reopen with similar situations or 'trigger' moments you experience throughout life. perhaps this is the mind's way of reminding us what happened 'last time' in hopes we will guard ourselves better this time ... ??? i simply don't know the extent of it but can only imagine it being some sort of protective measure (the non-healing.) i too am disgusted by these people and i too share the same eagerness to trust all too soon. all in all ... i'm not certain it's a terrible trait to trust. i have noticed as the years go by i am less hurt by 'perps' (perhaps because i expect it) and i don't dole my trust out AS eagerly as i once did. with that said, i am still willing to trust too soon ... it will most likely never change and for that i'm not sad.