Well I have three elder sisters and I only talk to one of them.   My eldest sister lives on the oppisite side of the world, and I only know her mainly from being on line, she was thirteen when my mama died, how does that affect a thriteen year old, she has had no respect from my two other sisters, older then me, but younger then my eldest sister. 

My eldest sister apparently slept with a hammer under her pillow while me and my other two sisters layed close by.This was against my dad, to this day I dont know why.I remember my eldest sister had my father living with her in the early years of her marriage, she moved to Australia with my father in toe but was stopped because he had a shadow on his lung, you cant get into Aussie without a medical, the rest is history,  I have all the respect for my sister, I am proud to look up to her.   My sister was thirteen years old when my mama died.


My second eldest sister is married to a child molester, I trid to tell her when I lived with her but she still slamed the door in my face,  her husband had a whale of a time with me, all the time he took me from my bed and carried me down the stairs while I pretended to be a sleep. her husband, my brother-in-law sexually abused me from the age of ten  till I was fifteen,  my sister told me that I urged him on, I ask how possible of a ten year old do that, she said I sat on his lap, why shouldnt I of sat on his lap, he was soppose to be safe, I blame my sister for doubting me, I dislike my sister for staying with a molester,  I have told everyone that if I died before her, she was not allowed to my funeral, I certainly would not go to hers, as far as I am concerned she can live her life and take chances of her grand daughter going through the same as I went through, she walks with the devil.


My sister who is elder above me is so twisted I could never even comprehend her reason behind that terrible black lie she commited.   My daughter who was thriteen, told my sister that her brother who I had adopted but he came back in my life when he was fifteen, sexually abused her from the age of eleven, my sister told my daughter to tell me that it was my man, After nine months of my man walking about, people who know him doubting did he or didnt he, the truth finnally came out that it was the child I had adopted, to this day I have not seen my sisters, and I never want to again,

I cant get my head around none of this, I cant even begin to work it out coz its just not me, how scary to think that these people had access to me as a child, its strange wot we think is normal.

rosygal rosygal
46-50, F
Aug 8, 2007