Hii, all..
M new in EP. Have found myself being betrayed for long 3 years. I am a lesbian. The girl I was engaged with happened to be straight. Still she continued dating me and her boyfriend simultaneously. Feel exploited in every possible way..
Sriporna7 Sriporna7
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I am so sorry to read this. It doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is. Hurt is hurt. Pain is pain. I am very sorry for your pain.

So am I for your cause. Its so ironical.. God made this world, and its sometimes love, betrayal in it that makes us lose faith in Him..

Very true. I am glad I met you. I know that I am a guy but would you mind if I added you to my circle?

Not at all.. How are you? You know pain makes us more humnae?

I am getting through my tough times myself. I do believe that through pain, we are able to see life in a completely different way that we may never have noticed before.

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