I Was Bit By A Spider

t by a spider yesterday on my neck and it started to swell i went to the Dr and they took blood they came back to me saying i had methamphetamine's in my system i was devastated I told them there was no way I don't do drugs.I was bit by a spider!! i had been remodeling my house the past 6 months and have been around all kinds of chemicals, drywall, paint,stains, piping, etc... and the fields around me have been worked a lot lately, planting, spraying, weeding, leaving the hospital I felt horrible now everyone thinks I'm a drug addict. I have antibiotics but still don't know what caused my wrong diagnosis. What caused this devastating thing to happen to me?
peperose1956 peperose1956
1 Response May 13, 2012

A friend of mine whom is also a nurse just told me all to often one would come into the emergency saying they weren't high on drugs and they were It has gotten to the point everyone who does come in now is pegged a druggy or alkie I think that is sooo wrong!!! She also told me that what I've been around is probably them spraying the fields that they know that, yet they want to be the first one on the block that day to win a Brownie point so the next time you enter a DR office or hospital be very aware your a drug addict