Blamed By An English Language Sgs Teacher

A day before an idependence day I was argesively blamed by my english teacher. I asked him for turning light on. He terrorized me in that way, that I was afraid of talking to him with any important interest. When he recognized we are going to make a complaint to a headmastry, he was harder too. He was more end more furious and finally he started to scream at me, agresively shouting "A foam is going out of your mug!". I made a complaint to the headmastry. They changed a teacher. But, they did not fire him out, but...asked him to free a workplace in a good. This man was also completely dishonest. When you gave a positive mark, he started to behave in a very furious way. He was furious he had to positively mark a pupil. Even though, when the pupil was weak, so weak, that he received wrong note, he was extremly happy because of possibility of failing the student. Once day, there was a parental interview. It spread out that there is some wrong in notes of subject, learned by him. I ask him for an explain, what is happening??? He calmy answered, there is nothing wrong with my notes and...that notes are directed into an another student and are applied to another subject. During least lesson in the school period, he escaped because of certain hole in the acknowledgment of pupil. There is als somethig a bit worse in this man. In the theory, he should be disciplinary fired. But that experienced headmastress of this shool made fatal mistake. She let him leave the school under the agreement of sides despite of sgining up the firing act. What's the also bad, he is employed by that shool in which he has passed a maturity exams and he signed a work plea with that some headmaster who was during his exams as a teacher. And, what is the worst, he had never mind if he could make some wrong job doing it with students, which was nearly like an abusing. When some my friend afterr years tried to tell him after years, what he thinks about his manners, his aggresive behavior, that he was like the least ******* and bastard, despite of apologize student, he called the police on Friday after Corpus Domini.
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Jan 21, 2013