This Has Scarred The Very Fabric Of My Self Worth

being accused of giving Bills tablets to Tonya (the liar tramp she was) why did she make out she knew Werner more than me ?

later I paid her back for it ... I paid them all back and will never stop ... they had no right stealing my identity away from me...

They had no right cheating me out of love when I should have been loved just cuz Tonya was a free loading liar.  I never liked that simple toad of a girl.

I think someone was playing a very evil trick on me .... trying to stop people from liking me and isolating me away from everyone

this caused me once again deep trauma deep self doubt and self hate... deep loneliness and as if the world had rejected me

this seems to happen to me every 7 or 14 year cycles .... and whoever is doing just has to pay up the money and let me get on with my life

other kids blamed me for all kinds of things ... I did nothing wrong to them... its like they are insane and the world is saying is ok for them to abuse me

and its not.... people who abuse me must suffer their own shame harshly.... they must suffer and suffer for a long time.

I did nothing to those people the fool who is behind this deserves death.  I never put wire in a dogs ear ... why would I?

I never hit girls at school, only the odd kiddy fight over toys or games nothing violent !

I never went around saying things about katy martin ... why would I ? I barely knew her??? she should have known I was not like that.

I just wonder what these people think of their pathetic lies now knowing its caused me mental breakdowns and confusion...

the cost its put on me by a mental dog like Joyce Poorter that spastic little minded maggot hearted woman....

Sue the wh re mental case ......... what a spastic 6itch she is .. same with eliz abeth and katy what a pair of scum shi  tters

I will never acknowledge these people ... all I would want to do is bash them to be honest.  I want to find a man who will bash them

for me.   why were they abusing me...??? mental case freaks.

czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
May 14, 2012