Wow - Too Funny

Yep - she sends me a greeting card, asks me to comment, and then I realize I can't comment because I am blocked ... OK.  psycho.

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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12 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Nah - I don't think she meant this. <br />

I think thats actually kind of funny in a weird way...what if she did do it on purpose. Just seeked YOU out to do that to...? Makes you think eh?

Maybe she didn't meant to block you.

Agreed :)

I had someone block me that I had not ever talked to. I don't really care about those things though. I just laugh and block them as well. No biggy....

I've had this happen, too. I was circled, learned I was blocked when I went to their profile, found someone in their circle to ask her about it, then I was unblocked, recircled and decircled in 24 hours even though I'd still had no contact with her. Some people are just nutty. Some dude kept gesturing me with nice things like waves and smiles. I went to his profile and I was blocked. No clue who this guy even was!

Probably a glitch, but still...doesn't mean there aren't some real head cases here. I had someone block me who I didn't even know; apparently, she didn't think some of the people in my circle were up to her high moral standards. Please!

Ah thanks much! Not under 18 - and she is in my circle probably a glitch :)

I've heard of people being blocked and the blocker didn't even know it, it's a technical glich, maybe that's what happened here.

True true ...

I couldn't block you. You put up with my BS. Maybe she didn't know what she was doing.

I know - how incredibly random ... ha!!