This happens to me all the time: A random person will send me a hateful PM. I'll have no idea what they're talking about, so I'll reply only to find out I'm blocked. I don't care that they blocked me, it's just a little annoying that I don't even know why. So, to all of you that plan on blocking me at some point: Please tell me why. I might be offended but more than likely, I'll be amused. Either way, I'm one of those "need to know" people.

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Switch off your CAPS LOCK and prepare to be complimented.


Happened to me, twice. Once, I got an odd PM, and once in commenting or answering questions, I found out I was blocked. Some say it may be a glitch, or that if the person is under 18, they are automatically blocked. <br />
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A mature person would tell you why they were blocking you, if they felt the need to do so. <br />
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You seem cool, so no weird messages from this corner, either.

Oh good, I can look forward to not getting a random PM from you.

I plan on not blocking you at all. <br />
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Just a heads up.