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Periodically, Allenw's name pops up on my "suggestions" box.....and curious to see if he's "plying his trade" of lies and deceit on others, sometimes, I navigate to his profile page to see what he's up to.  I don't leave nasty comments, or send nasty PMs...I just look and leave.  The last time I visited his page, I noticed two things.  He had created a group called "I Don't Delete People".  Well, since I've been deleted from his circle for almost a year now, and every story and blog he had written about me has either been deleted or reworked to take me out of I never existed.  So , I knew , right off he was trying to pull the wool over someone esle's eyes, now.  The other thing I saw was a comment made by a friend of Tiger''s on one of Bruce's stories.  I did not know the context, but the word "love" was mentioned.  Appropriately, I warned her.  Now?  He blocks  For telling the truth and calling him on his lies.  I may not catch you again, Allenw, but I did this time....

I wrote this story yesterday.  Today, I logged in to find this:

Private Messages > Inbox | > Sent | > Compose | > Search Search by: Subject Sender Close Search Do not Allenw says: August 10th, 2010 at 09:00 PM Do not bug me anymore. DIG Never again. > Reply | > Inbox | > Delete | > Block


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Nice.....wreck my life, then complain that I "bug" you.  Grow up, and stop telling lies.
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Thank you, Tiger!!<br />
<br />

He who laughs last, laughs best. Look who is laughing now? My own sweet, darling sxdup. Poetic justice at work! Good going, baby!!!

Yup, me, too!!!<br />
<br />
lolol<br />
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4 DUI'S ? if that was me they'd throw me under the jail lol

Indeed, Ever..I didn't talk to that liar,''xoxoxoxoxo

Well, boys will be have a good heart, lbb...<br />
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I will always treat you good.I think her problem is when Im hyper I do stupid stuff I wouldnt normally do like make pictures from tiny drops of blood caused by sugar tester finger pokers or turn the yard into a muddy place and mudd wrestle.

Well, you're always good to me, lbb!!<br />
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Most people dont feel that way my foster mom once told me if her first son acted anything like I sometimes do then she would have never more children she was laughing while saying it but I figure its true because I can get to rotten at times.When Im hyper its harder to get me to behave than it is to get a 5 year old to be good.

Now, why wouldn't I want to hear a great complement like that from a terrific guy like you? Thanks, lbb!!!!<br />
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Your welcome.I try to be you are a great woman and I really enjoy talking to you.You are Really nice and kind of like a mother figure that I never had I know you probably didnt want to hear that but it is true.

Thank you,'re a good friend!!<br />
<br />
((((((((((((((((lbb16))))))))))))))))<br />
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Love you to and if he treated a woman as sweet as you then he isnt someone I would have wished to know.You are a really nice person and I dont want to talk to someone that would treat you or anyone else bad.<br />
Wednesday ~hugs~

Indeed..that's exactly what happened. He wanted to pull his "poor little lonely me" routine again.....the liar!! He should tell girls before they believe too much of what he says that he's had at least four DUI's...that I know about.

isn't it funny how you go from being so close with someone to "don't bug me"? he's mad because he got busted out lol

Wise decision, lbb!!!!<br />
<br />
Love you!!<br />

I think I talked to him a couple times last year but he felt weird about my age so I politely backed off never talked to him enough to know if I liked him.