If You Don't Want to Hear What I Have to Say Then Go Ahead.

I asked the question: When was the last time you judged someone and what did you make of them? And this was one of the answers, it has two parts.

"Yes, well since you are only 18 - 21 you have no choice but to draw from others' experiences.

The only person I can judge is myself: “Judge NOT, that you be not judged” in Matt 7:1"

At first I thought it was a jokster being ironic, but no. I messaged them, called them out on it. They attempted to convince me that they wern't judging. I told them it was ok and that I wasn't offended but that they were, and then they blocked me.

Issac95 Issac95
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7 Responses Mar 20, 2009

He didn't mean to do it, but refused to even consider that maybe he had, so yes, where does he get off? I'm glad that I'm not so very close minded.

His first sentence was extremely judgmental! Wow! Where does he get off lecturing you? <br />
<br />
No wonder people ask questions about Christian hypocrisy on this site! Be glad you don't have to talk to him anymore...

No, he was much older.

was it a younger person? Ep will not let you visit there profile, just read what they write and comment on it.

No, just some random guy.

Sarcasm? It's irony, the first contradicts the last, saying you don't judge and then judging. Oh no, you're right. Irony is, in the words of allanis, "winning the lottary and then dieing the next day." My father is a very sarcastic person, I should have known. Thanks.

Oh well! I just don't pay attention to people that react without reading my thoughts completely. I get this some times. There are lots of people on EP so I am so sure you will lose sleep over losing this acquaintance (THAT LAST PART WAS SARCASM. SORRY I CAN BE THAT WAY SOMETIMES.)