No Closure

I recently met a lovely new friend on EP,  StarWanderer.   We seemed to have plenty in common.  He even posted some great puppet videos. 
He was in my circle for about a week.  Then I received a message from him saying I had some very rude friends,  that posted mean things on his profile.  I am now blocked by StarWanderer.   I have no idea what went down here,  as I do not invite rude, mean people into my circle.

I've been on this site for a very long time.  I've been blocked before,  but it was usually for calling someone out on THEIR rude or mean behavior.  The situation with StarWanderer has me very confused and disappointed.

I am on EP to make friends,  not enemies.  I am suspect of a few members who don't like me.  But if anyone knows more about this situation,  please contact me.

StarWanderer,  you are very nice man.  I'm sorry you were insulted by some internet cowards.  Unfortunately, my blocked status does not allow me to know what happened. 
Lilt Lilt
21 Responses Oct 9, 2011

That's what I say too, romanticsub. I've never blocked anyone, I respect the right.<br />
There is just no telling what goes through someone's mind. <br />
I was blocked today for being a "liberal."<br />
Just weird.

I don't hold people responsible for what their friends do.

I think you're looking for the linen closet, dude. I've got king and queen size just for you :-)

LOL-thank you Lilty!hehehehe I need the extra space, just in case!

This puppet will not come unraveled.<br />
And if I do, I have a whole drawer full of replacements.

Any accsesss to dem drawers?!hehehehe I could not resist sorry!

Lilt-I have never heard of this person, but if they are going to judge you for a friend's action-I am afraid they are shallow in thinking of less of you for a few comments?! Sounds like he has issues himself! You are too cool a puppet to get your threads in a bunch over this person.

I have been blocked by two people by my association with another member. I think it's a real shame but if thats how they play the game it's their call... and their loss.

Sorry Lilt...I would hope that StarWanderer would contact you and not cut you off because of who's in yoru circle....I've been blocked twice because EP's didn't like some of my friends.<br />
It's not fair to be judged by what friends do.

I'm pretty sure StarWanderer hates me.....I'm sorry, if he lacks a sense of humor and blocked you because of me.

Thank you all for your comments. I'm feeling better now.<br />
I can't possibly begin to understand why people do the things they do.<br />
So, I'm just gonna keep on doing the things I do.<br />
I don't understand half the things I do either. Woot!

Aw that's sad. He's missing out on a wonderful person

It seems an odd reaction to block you, rather than your friends.... or for StarWanderer not to complain to the site hosts directly about the unwelcome comments.<br />
<br />
In one way I'm wondering if this is a useful self-filtering, preventing you from wasting more time on someone who wouldn't be there for you when you were depending on them. It's hard to let go of someone who seems compatible, but maybe your time would be better spent getting to know those who are a little better behaved.<br />
<br />
Good fortune to you.

Very strange all around. Why would someone who might be your friend insult him? But more disturbing to me is the fact that he blocked you because of something another person said. None of this makes any sense, Lilt, and I'm sorry this is happening to such a good person as you. (((((hugs))))))

Very strange Lilt ... I agree ... it's not something which has any logic to it at all.

I'm sorry that this guilt by association crap is still happening here. When will we grow up?? *Sigh*

:-/<br />
That kinda sums it up, Scoobs.


I'm not naive, I know the internet is a free-for-all. <br />
But I really don't understand why someone would purposely be so hurtful to StarWanderer.<br />
<br />
Shame on all you trolls and haters.

This has happened to me too. Its surprising to be blocked by people I don't know and I wonder what happened. I've also been blocked by people who were once friends. It happens, sometimes even good intentions get twisted. {{{HUGS}}}

: (

I appreciate your comment, peaceplease. <br />
But this just doesn't sit right with me. It's very hard for me to write it off as internet insanity.<br />
This was a very nice person, who did not deserve to be disrespected.

At least he told you what happened, to some degree. I have been blocked by someone I have never even heard of. First I knew of it, I tried to reply to a comment she had left on a story or a question, and I couldn't because I was blocked. Don't expect rational behavior from people, here. Some of us are not.