also know as blocked by association: i'll sum it up for u, blocked cause u are friends with someone they dont agree with, what u dont like who my friends are to bad ur beefs with them not me. Grow up u dont have to like me never said u did but dont assume im like the rest of the pple in my circle cause im not.So what i keep bad pple in my circle who gives a **** their there and never leaving my group. I laugh at how alota of u say ur grown up then u go around and block pple cause u dont like them or their freinds.Yea when did u graduate h.s. when the dinos were around? Look that crap may have flown with ur era back in the day but not here and not with me. Yea i got friends who like to pic fights with pple and maybe THEY keep company not suited for ur taste buds but am i friends with them NO!!!! So the next time u decide for urself whos bad and not-bad i suggest u get to know me before u block me
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
May 8, 2012