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When I first saw the Yoga in the Nightclub show, it was September 2008. I had heard some of the music before, and knew Parvati for about a year before seeing the show.
What I saw and heard was tremendous artistry and passion, a fiercely joyous performance that evoked profound states of inner silence in me while simultaneously bringing about an irresistible desire to dance and express happiness in the moment.
Parvati's voice is an exceptional instrument and her music is innovative and exciting; but more than that, she clearly sustains a vision for the entire show in which each note is in the right place and contributes to a tremendous structure to inspire clarity and joy in all who come to experience it. This show is unique in all the world of music as I know it, and no matter how many times I see it it feels fresh, new, exciting and inspiring. I urge all of my friends to take in the show, as fully as they possibly can. This show opens up whole new possibilities in music, in the mainstream understanding of yoga, and in one's own understanding of self.
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I remember seeing the first Yoga in the Nightclub show at the Arts and Letters Club also. I had not heard any of the songs before and I remember feeling totally inspired when listening to the lyrics. It actually took me by surprise and I felt very drawn into the songs and what was being communicated through the lyrics. They made me think about my own life and the way I live it. Lots has happened since then and I saw the new show at the MOD club in 2008. Great show, lots of exiting changes to the performance and the show itself. I hear that Parvati will be going on tour in the fall, playing at yoga studios and such and that she has remounted the show completely for that purpose. You can actually see the trailer on YouTube (

Hello Everyone. I had the great fortune to see Yoga in the Nightclub in one of its first iterations in 2007 at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto. I didn't know Parvati back then. I was there as a volunteer working at the information table for Amma ( But I was absolutely taken by the creativity, the vibe of the music and most importantly, the message. The first night I was there, I was totally dancing in complete happiness at the end. The second night, I couldn't wait to do it all over again. <br />
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I hope this show makes it big. The world could use a little fun mixed with the awakening of consciousness that this show seems to inspire. :)

I haven't had the pleasure of seeing this show with my own two eyes yet. I am waiting for Parvati's next show in Toronto. I love the CD.

I found some videos in youtube just by searching " Yoga in the Nightclub", not difficult, any other sources?

Where can I listen or get any of Yoga in the Nightclub music?