Started Young

As with many of us I started with my relatives things , I was 12 and my Aunt used to hang her Nylons in the shower . It did not take long before I was touching them and soon after trying them on . From there I started wearing her used panties and other items . This was the begining of a life long love for me . Over time I stopped only to return every time until I finally admitted to myself that this was indeed "normal" for me . Now I just accept it as part of my life and something I will always do . Finding EP has been great for me since I now know that their are many others who feel the same and hve gone though all the same feelings .
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I agree and understand. I was a woman ... born transexual. I too started young, around age 5 and grew into the woman I am today over the years. EP has been and is great therapy, for me, to express myself the way I can not any where else.<br />
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Thanks for sharing my friend.