Started In The Kindergarten

Started in the kindergarten. I was around 4, so i didn't know to much about my sexuality. We prepare for a little show, for our parents. The girls dressed to sunflower, and for that reason they worn a green satin miniskirt. It was so sexy, i liked it, and i want to felt on myself. In the kindergarten i was the last child whom parents arrived. And i didn't mentioned one girls shoes. It was pearl colored, beautifully sparkling. So, one afternoon i decided i try it both of. I remember, i began to dress up.... but that was my last memory about my first try. I can't remember what happened, maybe the directress caught me, and i depress this memory, but that skirt was awesomely beautiful. The next story began around time, when my parents divorce. I was around 9 years old. That time my size was same as my mom, so i began wear shes clothes, high heels. Sometime a painted my nails. Once i didn't remove correctly the nail polish, it was only shiny colorless, and next day the teacher noticed me, two of my fingers is polished. In the first moment i been white, but the second moment i told for she, yesterday i painted one of my scale-modell maybe this is only varnish. Than i reach my puberty age, i wear my moms clothes, and i pleasure myself, usually after i clothed back my clothes, after some month i began worn my moms panties daily, slept my moms nighty. Around 15 or 16 i finished the crossdressing, it left me. I didn't thought i need to end it, it just went. I was around  22 or 23 i didn't succeed one love-affair... Just browsed on the net, and i found some pictures and stories about crossdressers.. Like the lightning, i began again, went shop a lot of sexy thong, panty, a few sweater, high heels, fragrance, etc... I lived with two of my friends in universities dorm. The panties and thongs i wear regularly, some when i went to shopping or home i wear y female sweaters, and fragrances. I wear my heels only at home...  I didn't care about my friends opinion, but once i applied to much fragrance, so i my scent was, like a flower garden, and accidentally met one women, that i felt love. She was really close to me, she can smelt my fragrance, and saw my pink sweater, but she didn't said a single bad word. Than i met my ex-girlfriend, she was amazing, and i didn't want loose her, i depress my crossdressing, everything was good, didn't miss me the crossdressing, and i really want to finish it, so i trash out all of my things. But sometime i felt, i want try some dresses, clothes of my girlfriend, but still depress that feelings. She told me, sometime i act like a woman, so i told her my story about crossdressing, she accepted, because i didn't dressed. One summer day, a visited her at her parents, i go with bike, and i worn my cycling wear, but some summer storm caught me, i was like a sudden dog. So, she give me one of her panties, and clothes. It was good.... I began felt my barrier at its limit, but the love helped me. We prepare to engagement... but not so far from the engagement, she cheated me, the relationship was broken. I fallen to deep depression, my days was similar, didn't felt nothing... After one month i walked in the city, and i saw a very beautiful high heel. Didn't thought to much, i brought them. It was so nice to worn, i began collect again. And the story is finished. Now i have almost everything. Regularly bought new thing, now i have more female clothes than male, female shoe, like male, count my bike shoes... I know i cant wear all day them, but i still search new ones... I develop my spirit to wear them all day. Usually i search two type of female clothes: one i can wear daily, almost unisex, but still female, and the another is the sexy ones, skirts, dresses, so on.. 


So i think i really burn crossdresser.

VivienXX VivienXX
26-30, T
Feb 15, 2010