Born And Raised And Still Live In Alberta.

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I was born and raised and still live in Alberta. I was born, raised, and still live in Calgary. However, I do want to move out of the province. 

Even though I am a true Albertan, I still feel like an outsider. For one, I don't eat beef, I hate country music, and I never had any close friends here either.

And it is expensive to move.

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Oil in Alberta is currently keeping Canada afloat. To ask us to end Oil sands production is like saying give up your jobs and strive to be like the States. No thanks. It's not as bad as the eco terrorists try to make it sound. Coal production in the States is far worse for the environment. There are many things including shipping that cause far more pollution than Canada's oil sands. I worked up there and I didn't see a lot of poor abused indians. I saw plenty that were happy to have a good paying job for a change. Better than being on welfare.

I thought that would be the case, i hate it that big companies and industry can have that kind of power over places. Can't really blame the locals though, don't bite the hand that feeds and all that...

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I'm one of a few people here in Alberta that do like the Oil Industry whatsoever. But the Oil Industry owns most of Alberta in almost every aspect. So that means that my viewpoint is a minority.

Hi, i recently found out about the tar sands and all the stuff going on with the indigenous communities living near them. Obviously i don't know a great deal about (just what i found out from the NewInternationalist website), but i would like to know what the general attitude towards them is in Alberta, where most of the tar sands are located. <br />
Seeming as you said you feel like an outsider i guess you might not know what a majority of the people think (i know i never have a clue what the people in my neck of the woods are thinking, damn country bumkins lol) so just your views will do fine, supposing you have any of course.<br />
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P.S don't worry about not fitting in, the best people never do. If you're really not happy there then you should leave, moving can't be that expensive (i've never experienced this myself, as i still live with my mum) and you could try moving to a cheaper area if it is. My advice is probably rubbish but either way i hope things pick up for you.