The Unusual Claming Sent of Isthar

When i look up in to the dark sky the lord sky says to me let your soul fly free let the abyss of your soul become clear to you who is so honest but yet cant keep a tune the darkness replied what tune the lord sky says listen and you will see.The tune was how many people are born damned in this dark Wong we are in. the people scream for my help but yet all i can do is obsession on one being at miring his beloved flesh but the other souls are crying father said why do you not listen to your children? I replied because i am to hurt because they reject me in all my ways. i tired father but yet they still do not acknowledges me at all so what am i to do with my children father?Father sky said i am going to send you to your mother," lady Goddess of death "and she will teach you all you need to know about discipline your children for know one knows how to get people attention the way your mother does as beautiful as she is. let the rain Begin he said let the washing of there souls' Begin.

dragonofdeath dragonofdeath
22-25, M
Mar 25, 2009