November 19th!

Yep, I was born in November and a lot of cool things were happening in the world, at that time.  I think this why I love the season of Autumn so much. I admit it, I'm an Autumn baby! Heehee! :-D

But my mother sees me as an "miracle child"... as I almost didn't make it. First because she had an medical condition and then because some dumb doctor told her I was dead. He was ready to abort me too! But my mother knew better and got out of there, getting a second opinion for another hospital. Yikes! :-o

So, I made it and I am stuck here, apparently. =p

Not that it's a bad thing, I am happy to be alive. :-)

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Hi. Did you suffer from any medical issues because of all that? How old are you now?<br />
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