Pennsylvanian Am I

Yup I was born in Pennsylvania.  I lived here for almost 26 years.  Unless my man decides to live somewhere else, I will probably die in Pennsylvania too - but I hope not! 

Valentine Valentine
26-30, F
10 Responses Jun 26, 2008


Hi Valentine, I am also living on Philly. Wish I could move out

*sigh* I yi yi.

Harrisburg has a ton of Jews! The one high school here (Susquehanna Township) is nicknamed Hebrew High!

Oh brother so now you are helping too? How do you guys know this anyways? LOL

Heh OK then Cripple Crow, who do you hang out with when you come to PA?

Pittsburgh has Jews too... They have their own suburb... Squirrel Hill.

Ya that is true. I do like Pennsylvania. I just really want to get out and see more of the world!

hey...i live here to but will soon be moving to Ohio. As long as you can travel its not so bad living in any one spot for a long time.

Cripple Crow, if you love it so much then you should move here! It is much more serene than where you are right now!