I was born in 1961 and remember quite a bit from the 60's. My memory goes back to when I was about 1 year old. My mom and dad divorced before I was 2 and I remember when they were still together. I can remember watching the news when Kennedy was shot and I remember when Ringo Starr had his tonsils taken out. Growing up in the 60's was great. It was a time of change and a time of movement. Kids could play outside without fear of being abducted.
Cereal had toys in the box and and so did potato chips.
Color TV was just coming into being and we had some really great TV shows back then as well. Saturday morning cartoons were a real treat and was something we looked forward to. We had 3 channels but there was always something to watch, unless the President was giving a speech.
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I remember some fond memories of the 60's. Great times, 70's even better