Maybe In My Next Life

i am a .37 yr old woman.wife and mom. ever since i cld remember i always felt like a boy.i cnt tell u how awkward it is to live as a woman/wife/mom in that role.i dnt knw y i feel as tho i should b male.but this brings alot of grief in my life.i feel so uncomfortable i will not go outside unless i have to. to curl my hair or wear makeup makes me feel so out a place. to have hips and breast and this *** lol is very uncomfortable! i try everyday to b happy in my own skin and it takes so much energy! i wish alot i could go back in time to embrace myself as a male.  but i am married and loyal this being the hardest task i live with day and night!
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

oh dear i m boy but want 2 be girl and u r girl but want live as boy. let us exchange our self so i be mom nd u be boy or papa.<br />
I feel so bad 2 born as boy. i always think 2 be girl i always wear girl dress and do make up and all beauty treatment which girl like.i do nail polish , eye shadow, eye brow, lip stick, waxing regularly.

I do understand how hard it is. I am woman in a man's body, born this way as no doubt you were. It is very hard to fulfill a role that our brain is not really programmed for.