I Should Have Been A Girl

Everyday I suffer and think that I should not have been a boy. I see all of these happy birth females that are glad they are women, and I remain this internal female unhappy that he was born a man. I feel even more trapped because I am in love with female things like make-up and wigs, but I am also interested in female shoes, and I can't fit them because of my giant feet(And b/c I'm a boy). I am also very jealous because when we go to the salon, I'm upset because I want to get my nails done too, but I can't because of my giant hands. (Also because I'm a boy)

I have too go thru these nasty phases of male puberty like a bigger penis, muscles, a deep voice, and wet dreams, while the girls get their periods, shapely bodies, and soon get the opportunity to birth a child.

Why couldn't I be a girl? Well I wasn't. So I will never experience the blessing of being a women, like female puberty, being beautiful, child birth, and being an image of eve.

I would have liked to be a 5'2 Beautiful female named Jessica. But if my parents won't let me transition and science doesn't advance soon, I'll just be a 6'3 tall good looking but miserable male, named Jihad.
Jihadj12 Jihadj12
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I plan on being a pop/ r&b artist named Starla AceHood at the end of the decade.