Being Forced To Become Right Handed At The Age Of 4

I was forced to become right handed at the age of four in school by having my left arm held behind my chair. This has had a massive impact on my life ever since. I was unable to read or write until the age of eight when I had one-to-one support. However I still struggled in education afterwards as it seemed I didn't process information like everyone else did. It would take me a while to understand things and get passed the 'brick wall' I faced and got very frustrated. I still feel it has it's impact on my life in adulthood but I have learnt to deal with it, still I don't think I should have suffered the way I have unnecessarily but I guess I wouldn't be the person I am today who knows.
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Your teachers suck.

I can totally relate. Sorry this happened to you.

I have struggled my entire adult life, and am just now learning that this is probably the reason why. I am now trying to learn to write left-handed and do more things left-handed, but it is really hard and seems to be re-awakening some trauma. Oh well, it's nice to hear that others have learned to use the left hand later in life...that gives me some hope!

I'm sorry too that you had to go through this. I struggled throughout my education and I still do as an adult with various things. Mainly processing information as it can take me a while but I have however learnt over the years ways of getting around this. The main things I now struggle with are my emotions particularly in relationships. It might seem odd but it's true.

I've often thought about retraining myself to be left handed and see how I get on but in all honesty I don't have the time at the moment and perhaps I'm a little scared in case the memories of my trauma come back. I've already had to visit this trauma in adulthood and I'm not sure I could go there again. Do you mind me asking how old you are?

No problem, I'm 28 years old. I don't feel that I'm where I "should" be, if that makes sense. I feel that I've been trying to live life with my weaker side (without realizing it until now), and now I have to start all over...I feel like a little kid just starting to write! I can understand about not having time to retrain the left hand, it seems that it will probably take a lot of effort.

The trauma is really tough, too, sorry again you had to go through that. It's good to know there's hope, though, and others have been successful in spite of this!

I found out at age 50 that I was ambidextrous and forced to be right handed. I became a good tennis and racquetball pla<x>yer right handed, but it took a great deal of effort and pain. At age 35 I learned that I was switched and have been working very hard that past 15 years to develop my lefty skills such as writing and throwing a ball as well as learning to play tennis and racquetball left handed as well. I discovered that as my lefty skills improved, so did my right handed abilities as well. I now do most of my training left handed and most of my competitive playing right. My brain is far more integrated now and I know I suffered a great deal of emotional and psychological pain by being forced to be right handed all these years. My life now is a miracle compared to what it was when I was younger.

Wow you're so inspirational! I can relate to the emotional psychological pain of being forced to become right handed but it's inspiring to hear how you've combated this by going back to being ambidextrous!

My left hand was Hand-Cuffed !! to the chair at the dinner table by my dad when I was about kindergarten age. I'm 52 now. My mom found out he was doing this (she was working nights at the time and didn't know about it in the beginning). Well she blew a gasket about him doing this to me, not that she was any good at being a mother sadly enough, but my dad's reasoning was very old school - it's a right handed world and I would fail at anything and everything if the left-handedness didn't stop. I loved art as a child, painting and drawing. This was Dis-Couraged as it would do no good to me in any pursuit of earning a living.<br />
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My parents sucked. I was adopted and thankfully not blood related to either of them and will never forget my dad's well intentioned but ba<x>seless and ignorant attempts to change me.

Hi! That's such a shame, I'm sorry you had to go through that as a child. I really can't understand why being left handed was so wrong when we were younger. It doesn't seem to happen nowadays thankfully.

Wow I was forced to right with my right by my father. Its sad to know that a little think that that effects some whole life.

So sorry I've only just noticed your comment. Yes it is sad to know these things happen and how much they affect people's lives but it's good to know others that have been through the same experience :-)