No One Believes That This Happens!

I can't believe this site exists. I'm not the only one! I'm thirty years old now, and no one ever believed that a person would force a child to use their right hand instead of their left. The only person that ever believed me was my psychology teacher in high school. My mother was too into herself to ever notice. I was forced to switch from left to right by my first grade teacher half way through the year. I remember it feeling awkward, but seemed to have adapted quickly. Within days or a week. I was never considered slow by any means. I have had authority issues nearly my whole life, and consistently feel unfulfilled. I still don't know who I am, or what I want to be. I've re-entered college....still incomplete, no compelling direction. I wonder if this has to do with never fulfilling my natural right as a lefty?
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i was also born a leftie until the nuns got ahold of me,now I write with my right hand and do everything else with my left.they said it was the devil when we wrote with our left hand,well I now know there was something wrong with them but it kind of screwed me up a bit,i have some problems maybe a bit of dyslexia or something,a bit of not understanding some things at work and they have to repeat things to me all the time ,I just don't get a lot of things right away,,thanks sisters

they were the devil

Me too ! I was born a lefty and like all of you , was forced to write with my right hand...Even today , my handwriting is pathetic...I have always lost marks because of that...I am 23 and pursuing my MBA, living away from my family...and it is only now that I have realised about the numerous issues that i hv been facing over the years...I am a clumsy person..i drop my phone every day! Needless to mention my fine motor skills are not at all fine... the most annoying thing is that i have an identity crisis. I don't have a fixed keeps changing. I can't define myself as an individual and have recently realised that it bothers me a lot! As a default right brained person, i am imaginative and so i tend to get a lot of weird dreams too...don't know how to deal with all these things!

I can relate: I'm almost thirty, and have always had authority problems. Also I don't feel like I have a true identity. I'm trying to learn to write left-handed now, but it's really aggravating to feel as though I have to start from scratch this late in life. Argh! Good to know I'm not the only one, though. Thanks for the story