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Pisces-Aries; March 19-24 (Cusp of Rebirth)
Aries 1; March 25-April 2 (Week of the Child)
Aries 2; April 3-10 (Week of the Star)
Aries 3; April 11-18 (Week of the Pioneer)

Aries-Taurus; April 19-24 (Cusp of Power)
Taurus 1; April 25-May 2 (Week of Manifestation)
Taurus 2; May 3-10 (Week of the Teacher)
Taurus 3; May 11-18 (Week of the Natural)

Taurus-Gemini; May 19-24 (Cusp of Energy)
Gemini 1; May 25-June 2 (Week of Freedom)
Gemini 2; June 3-10 (Week of the New Language)
Gemini 3; June 11-18 (The Week of the Seeker)

Gemini-Cancer; June 19-24 (Cusp of magic)
Cancer 1; June 25-July 2 (Week of the Empath)
Cancer 2; July 3-10 (Week of the Unconventional)
Cancer 3; July 11-18 (Week of the Persuader)

Cancer-Leo; July 19-25 (Cusp of Oscillation)
Leo 1; July 26-August 2 (Week of Authority)
Leo 2; August 3-10 (Week of the Balanced Strength)
Leo 3; August 11-18 (Week of leadership)

Leo-Virgo; August 19-25 (Cusp of Exposure)
Virgo 1; August 26-September 2 (Week of System Builders)
Virgo 2; September 3-10 (Week of the Enigma)
Virgo 3; September 11-18 (Week of the Literalist)

Virgo-Libra; September 19-24 (Cusp of Beauty)
Libra 1; September 25-October 2 (The Perfectionist Week)
Libra 2; October 3-10 (Week of Society)
Libra 3; October 11-18 (Week of the Theater)

Libra-Scorpio; October 19-24 (Cusp of Criticism)
Scorpio 1; October 26-November 2 (Week of Intensity)
Scorpio 2; November 3-10 (Week of Depth)
Scorpio 3; November 11-18 (Week of Charm)

Scorpio-Sagittarius; November 19-24 (Cusp of Revolution)
Sagittarius 1; November 25-December 2 (Week of Independence)
Sagittarius 2; December 3-10 (Week of the Originator)
Sagittarius 3; December 11-18 (Week of the Titan)

Sagittarius-Capricorn; December 19-24 (Cusp of Prophecy)
Capricorn 1; December 25-January 2 (Week of the Ruler)
Capricorn 2; January 3-10 (Week of Determination)
Capricorn 3; January 11-18 (Week of Dominance)

Capricorn-Aquarius; January 17-22 (Cusp of Imagination)
Aquarius 1; January 23-30 (Week of the Genius)
Aquarius 2; January 31-Febuary 7 (Week of Youth & Ease)
Aquarius 3; Febuary 8-15 (Week of Acceptance)

Aquarius-Pisces; Febuary 16-22 (Cusp of Sensitivity)
Pisces 1; Febuary 23-March 2 (Week of Spirit)
Pisces 2; March 3-10 (Week of the Loner)
Pisces 3; March 11-18 (Week of Dancers & Dreamers)
18-21, F
6 Responses Jan 3, 2011

I'm Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp of imagination

Hey... I was born on October 25th and I'm not even in this article. Am I a cusp or am I part of the week of intensity?

Kool so was heath leadger :) the guy who played in dark knight

iam on the leo virgo the cusp of exposure

I know i know lol I have two friends in this week,and lemme tell you my guy friend in this week is all about drama he lives for it lol so I dont know lol :) but I love this sign super cool people and there fun to have around ,they always have your back too..ill edit that and add in drama,sorry forgot about that I just copied and paste it from this website

Libra Scorpio is actually the Cusp of Drama and Critism but don't mistake us and think we like to cause it.