Wednesday's Child:

Born on a Wednesday,your ruling planet is Mercury - planet of communication.

These people can be the biggest practical jokers,they love to have the floor and flit from person to person or job to job like bright butterflies.

They are versatile,clever and communicative.

Wednesday people have more ups and downs in love then a rollercoaster.  They seem to have spates of emotional turmoil that comes in waves,and

their personal life is far from dull.  They need a stable partner who can provide an anchor for them.

When hurt/upset,a Wednesday person can retreat into moody silences or charge the air with verbal assaults - there are no half measures with them.

They make excellent journalists,detectives and excell in careers like - hairdressing,jewellery design,acting,engineering and entertainment.

They prefer to opt for short periods of actual travel as they go crazy if cooped up in small places like cabins of ships or planes for any length of time.

Mountaineering or hang-gliding may appeal to their adventurous natures.

They are fairly restless characters who like to move around - sometimes causing upsets to those around them.

MysticShell MysticShell
26-30, F
3 Responses Apr 17, 2010

It is exactly what my husband is, not a single mismatch in traits.

oh, yeah, it`s really fitting. but if you ask me, I`d add something more to career's para. "Wednesdays" can also excell in teaching & writing, and I think probably in anything that requires a creative approach.

Holy poop! Not bad. That fits me pretty well. ;o Thank you for posting it. ;)