Good Friday April 13th 1979

I was born on the morning of Friday April 13th in 1979. It was Good Friday. I've always thought my birthday made me at least somewhat unique. I guess there was a blackout at the hospital I was born in, but as far as I know that was the only "unlucky" thing that happened. I've never really considered Friday the 13th to be a bad day, but people often ask me if I'm unlucky when I tell them when I was born. My life is not a bowl of cherries, but I wouldn't consider myself abnormally "unlucky", I don't really believe in luck anyway.
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This is great. April 13, 1979 as well. Always wondered the odds. I'm in for the party @ 84.

Always get a crazy response from people...

Yay!!! I was born April 13th 1979 :) A good friday too!! This is great, its like finding family. I am a girl, traveled around the world and now live in mexico. Best of luck to you all

Also a 4/13/79 baby here. Excited to have found this feed. We should start /join a fb group together

I was also born on Good Friday the 13th 1979 ! Our birthday is 3 days away and we'll be 36 . I had no idea it was a full moon which I think is pretty cool . I can't wait for our birthday to be on good Friday again . I'm moving to Hawaii and another Aries mentioned having a huge party to celebrate . I think that would be amazing !!!! I'm 5'3 brown hair and green eyes . Not 1 gray hair yet ! I have the best luck in the world ! I always say it's because of the day I was born . I love being a Friday the 13th baby ! When I was 18 I met a friend who shares our bday . We couldn't be more opposite as far as looks go . But , we both have big beautiful green eyes . We laugh and say she's the " good witch " and I'm the " bad witch " . She's totally earthy and I'm rock n roll . We are both hippy/ gypsys though . Did I mention I was voted most talkative in high school ?!?! Lol lol lol I'm super dramatic, loud , sensitive , emotional , intuitive, empathetic, I love to laugh , cook , eat and drink and have the voice of an angel ( so my parents say ) I really to have a beautiful voice and enjoy theatre , Broadway shows and old movies . Doris Day and Rock Hudson , Debbie Reynolds , Gene Kelly jus to name a few . I feel like an old soul . Like this isn't my 1st life and I hope it's not my last . I hope all of you enjoy your life to the fullest as I live mine . Happy Birthday my Aries brothers and sisters ♈️

I'm from California and so is my friend . We grew up 4 hours away from each other until we met in college in long beach ca

Interesting! I was also born the same day/year etc. I also had a cleft palate.

My 13th birthday was April 13, 1979. I've always thought of 13 as my lucky number.

WOW this is wonderful, i was born on 13th april 1979, in india on the mountains of nilgiris, it is a pleasure to share my bithday with so many !!!!!!

We should feel a little special indeed!! The last Good Friday the 13th April prior to 1979, was 1906! And the next will be 2063, our 84th birthday.

February 29ers eat your heart out!! :-)

That's so awesome !!!!

Happy Birthday for yesterday! I too was born on Friday 13th April 1979 and have never considered it to be unlucky, as it was also Good Friday. Quite a rare occurrence apparently. I have never met another person born on the same day.

Wow! This is the best! I've always wondered who else was born on this very special day. I was born at 12:24am, full moon, snow storm. My earliest memory at 4yo I made the connection of my birthday and have believed that I am very special ever since.

I was born good friday 4/13/1979 at 1:43 am and the next night my parents played the maryland lottery and hit. They played 413 and it came out 431. Baltimore, Maryland. 13 is my fav/lucky number

I was born on 13th April which was a good Friday i don't think im unlucky or lucky its been normal just like others i don't find anything that sets me apart from others in fact i think the date the day i was born was cool :D just love it for what i am today :D
its all down to fate!!! believe me!!!

Anyone born on Friday, 04-13-1979 observes his/her 5th, 11th, 22nd, 28th, 33rd, 39th,
50th, 56th, 61st, 67th, 78th, and 84th birthdays on Friday the 13th. This is also true of anyone born Friday, 07-13-1979. Since the calendar pattern usually repeats itself every 28 years, anyone born on Friday April 13th or Friday July 13th in 1923, 1951, or 2007
would have exactly the same birthdays on Friday the 13th.

This is so cool ! We're lucky !

if your interested in hearing the recording let me know. its a flight tower to airplane communication over new mexico/alberquerqe
when my uncle gave it to me in 2003 he said " take this for the cause"
rest in peace uncle lee. we love and miss you

I was born on Friday the 13th if April, 1979 in Salt Lake City, and would LOVE to hear that recording, or at least know what it says.... Do you still have this!?

I would love to hear the recording !!! Seriously !

well well fellow aries my name is jay and im here to say my birthday is 4/6/75 but in 2012 that day was good friday :-)
anyway im looking up 4/13/79 in google for a reason i have a recording from a usa pilot in air force recorded that day 4/13/79
my uncle who just passed away last week gave me the recording in 2003
its 1 of 3 copies and the pilot codename
HAWK 10- is reporting he see's 3 bright lights flying in the sky next to his plane this is not a lie. but in the end the lights disapear. just a little story from me to you
trust that the things we dont know are not bad

No lie, I too was born that April 13 1979. I don't believe in that unluck/luck stuff. It's funny how many people in the world do though. Best wishes I tell them HaHaaHa!

Hello there fellow Aries, i was also born on Good Friday the 13th 1979!! I'm from a small town in northeast missouri where i've resided all my life, very interesting to see all the comments from everyone!!! I didn't realize there where so many of us. N e ways have a good one.

Ok it is nice to know that 4-13-79 means as much to so many people. I was born in the morning also in Baltimore, Md.

i was born in baltimore, md on the same day, what hospital were you born in

hey all--4-13-79 for life! me too. born in Omaha, Ne. born premature with only 2% chance of living. Here today-6'-170lbs. and awesome. Nice thread, exciting to hear all the positive vibes. Party 2085.

Happy Birthday, I too was born on April 13th 1979 at 2:10am. I was 8lbs. 8oz. Can't believe I am 33 years old already, life has been a bl<x>ink, however, it has been a blessing. I have no right to complain. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters. My oldest daughter was born on Friday, May 13th 2005. My youngest daughter was due Friday, June 13th 2008, but came two weeks late. <br />
<br />
Caleb in San Diego

I too was born 4/13/1979 at 6:00 am in Washington DC. Happy friday the 13th everyone! Always been my lucky day.<br />
<br />
TommyO. in Colorado.

Wow, this is kinda cool. To know there are so many others out there that think kinda the same as me. Im curious now to find out what we are all like. Should we meet up when we next have a birthday on Good Friday the 13th?<br />
<br />
So when is that exactly?<br />
<br />
Here are all our birthday years and ages when we have this special day:<br />
Born in 1979 - full moon it seems, I didn't know that till now<br />
1990 - 11th birthday<br />
2001 - 22nd birthday<br />
2063 - 84th birthday<br />
2074 - 95th birthday<br />
2085 - 106th birthday<br />
<br />
Lets keep in touch, and have a birthday in Hawaii together in 2063 when we are 84!<br />
Who knew it would be so long until our next one :(<br />
<br />
Add me to skype: richrob79<br />
That way we can start planning our big party! ;)

Love this idea of getting all of the Aries babies together !

i was born on good friday the 13th of april 1979 also. dr. love jr delivered me at 7.29 am went skiing at the pocinoes and broke both his legs. i was born with a hemangioma on my lip a type of rare birth mark and a cleft lip and pallette. my grandfather died on good friday the 8th 1977 of april. 2 years and 5 days before i was born on the same holiday. my brothers birhtday 05/06/66. i cringe every time friday the 13th comes around.

I was born on 04/13/79 too! Cool how many deep we are! What's up to all the Friday the 13th babies out there

looks like doin just is amazing how deep we are...

my name is brock ure i am a walking blessing i am born on fri 13 on april full moon 8 lb 8oz i am a walking magnet i get any thing i want justt by simply wanting it , i have rugged good looks (not braging just insight ) everyone is odly attracted to me blessings fall from the sky i am Known by everyone as, the nicest guy you'll ever meet. :-0 ps all of you reading this , i love you and i wish the best for you believe and achieve, LAW OF ATTRACTION! peace to everyone think positive and yes my phone number is 208 871 4387 i aint scured. o and if you were wondering there is a god just find him on ur own . this day and age is unfortunate listen to you,and you will find what you seek, you have unlimited resourse infront of you right now GOD BLESS

I was born that same day! 13/4/1979 at 15.45 weighing 5.5lb. I love it as well - my friends always tell me I am the most fortunate person they know!

wow, I never knew there was this many. But I guess babies are born everyday somewhere!! I am also part of the 4-13-79 crew and was born in Chicago after a huge blizzard hit. I don't know my birth stats off hand, I do know that the doctor made a funny comment to my parents because my skin tone resembled my mom but not my dad!!!! (i'm half Mexican half Irish) I believe I was born just past noon... and yes, I have to agree, friday the 13th is a lucky day for me too!!!!

I was also born on this day. I find the only really good birthdays I have had is when it falls on friday again. I weighted 11lbs and 8oz, was 24 1/2inches long!!! Ive been large my whole life. I now stand 6ft 4inches and weight 260lbs.

I am also a member of teh 4/13/1979 club and have had a lot of fun over the years telling people that I was born on Friday the 13th - but that it was Good Friday. I love having been born on this day and agree with the other has been anything buy unlucky :)

...& similarly to Angel there, my lucky number is also 13, and I dont remember my weight at birth, but I was the size of the old school burger joint napkin holder, so small and frail, they had to put me in an incubator with life support til my lungs properly developed, they were damaged too from the alcohol that filled them like I had pneumonia. My life expectancy that first month was relatively a gamble.

Born 3am 04/13/1979, The doctors managed to dope up my mother's epidural with alcohol, she ended up drunk when she had me, and she was crying out of fear cuz I was born prematurely, with alcohol in my lungs. They used clamps to pull me out, I still have the scars and indentation on my skull from it. If I shave my head the indentation is visible enough, people believe it if I joke to them that I was dropped on my head during birth.

I'm in the club too! Don't forget it was also a full moon! I have always been incredibly lucky, and a little psychic. I just won 1500.00 at the casino today because I woke up thinking about it randomly! :) I was born @ 7:58 pm

Add me to your 'born on 4/13/1979" club.<br />
You know what else is cool about our birthdays? The day we turn 50 in 2029 (another Friday) the asteroid Apophis will make a close encounter with Earth. Then 7 years later in 2036 the same asteroid comes even closer but not close enough to wipe humanity from the face of the Earth.

I was also born on this day! 4lbs 14oz. Almost died. I have had a pretty good life so far. I won a tv on a friday the 13th a couple years ago. My lucky # is 13 also. I tell people I was born on Friday the 13th and they say, "Ohhh, that explains it!" I think its funny!

i was also born on April 13th of 1979 .. i have found that this is a very rare occurence , considering Good Friday does not always take place in April .. i was born at 11:29 p.m . in Greenville , South Carolina .. thank you to you , Jacob , and to you Kaiafa for sharing your posts as well .. i don't consider this date to be unlucky .. as a matter of fact , my favorite number has been 13 all my life ..

i was born the same day at 11:13am, i weighed 7lbs 6oz. My name is Jacob LaBelle. Google "Phillipe II LaBelle king of France, Knights Templar" and discover why Friday 13th is truly considered "unlucky".