I was born on Friday, December 13, 1974. I don't usually even mention my Friday the 13th birthday to people... when I do, people don't say too much but give a look... a look that sort of says "Really? Hope it hasn't sucked for you too much."

Right now, I'm thinking "Really? There are that many people born on a Friday the 13th?" I really shouldn't be surprised... tens of thousands are born every day. I just don't think this is much of anything that people necessarily talk about.

Yesterday was a Friday the 13th. I took my son for a haircut and got my own haircut last night. I also read an article about how some people are so superstitious that they believe, if you cut your hair on a Friday the 13th, then a family member will die. I have never heard of this and certainly don't subscribe to it. I asked my stylist and she indicated that in her 22+ years as a cosmetologist, she has never heard of it and that her business doesn't seem to be affected by it.

While my life has been a little difficult, I wouldn't say that it's been tougher than the next person's life. I certainly wouldn't say that I'm cursed or anything. For me, having been born on a Friday the 13th is just one of those things that might get brought up at a party or something.

Whenever a Friday the 13th comes around, I get a kick out of reading all of the strange superstitions and anecdotes about Friday the 13th... they amuse me. I guess the whole thing is a bit amusing and just makes our birthdays a little more interesting.
ruthiewe ruthiewe
36-40, F
Apr 14, 2012