Fri 13th Too

i was born on friday 13th november. iv noticed every birthday i get injured in some way lol, also noticed i sometimes bring bad luck to people around me, on one occasion i willingly caused bad luck to someone in my year at school. its like i am an esscence of bad, but sometimes good, luck. not much else i can say. another sign of me as bad luck, i was born with my cord around my neck like a noose strangling me. but bad luck was on my side, if my mums 3rd didn't miss carry, i wouldnt be here, meant to be
sudz sudz
2 Responses Aug 22, 2009

I was born on Nov Friday the 13th too and same with cord except mine was wrapped 3 times around my neck and I was grey from not oxygen cuz I wasn't breathing at all

:( I NO HOWU FEEL. no i don't. i was born on good friday =]