Friday The 13th

I was born Friday the 13th in October! I have always laughed at people when they say that Friday the 13th is very unlucky and don't know why it is supposed to be so unlucky!

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lol me too 10/13

there are many theories and myths about friday the 13th, it's just an ancient belief which remained till present day. Theory according to Christianity:<br />
Fridays are regarded as days of poor luck because theologians believe the events of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit and the crucifixion of Jesus both occurred on Fridays. The Great Flood is said to have started on a Friday, as well... and the number 13 describes the number of attendees at the Last Supper with Jesus and his 12 disciples. Judas was the last guest, guest number 13, and the betrayer of Jesus. There were also 13 months in the pagan lunar calendar, but the Catholic Church was out to end pagan traditions, changing the calendar to 12 months instead.<br />
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Its just the same as black cat, broken mirror etc, but actually i dont believe in those things... friday the 15th just another ordinary day, and as u can see it was a lucky day for u and ur mum :)<br />