June 21 Gemini/cancer - This Cusp Can Be So Frustrating!!!!!!

I was born June 21st/87 and have found a couple of things to be consistently true about my birth date... I am exceptionally proud of the fact that I was born on the cusp of Magic, and I am eternally frustrated when trying to decipher my horoscope, (categorically speaking) Which generally results in using Gemini as my default. I wish that cusp signs were not so readily dismissed by astrologers- instead, I think that they should add the various cusps as a separate section for those of us who were born on a cusp and have therefore been left to swim in confusion! =-) Here is a Link that I found Helpful ... I hope you do to!♥
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June 21 is Gemini astrologically depending on time of birth but yeah I'm born on the 22nd so am astrologically a cancer but have many more Gemini traits :)

june 21, 1983 what zodiac sign? cancer or gemini?

Read The secret language to birthdays. It will help you A LOT!!!!!!!!!!! I am also a GEM/CAN.


The Secret Language of Birthdays is an awesome read, Baileysirish! The accuracy of mine scared the hell out of me me but it was so on.