The Cusp Of Magic On The Summer Solstice Born 6/21

If there was ever a time to believe in the power of dreams and magic...the heavenly Creator made me divinely, even tucked me securely into my mothers womb after conception...until I was birthed into my first breath of life on June 21st 1982 @ 4:19am--apparently a Master Number 11 in Numerology ( I give thanks for life and for me, giving thanks is an everyday, every hour, every minute & down to the second blessing.

Being born on The Cusp of Magic (According to Gary Goldschneider's Secret Language of Birthdays, check it out @ means that I feel deeply, I think deeply, I give freely--I work hard to never selfishly withold material possessions and love to share (things are all on loan & come and go). You can't take them with you to the next life. I enjoy giving gifts and truly feel that I have also been blessed with many in return. I want to walk freely-unshackled-through this beautiful canvas and live life abundantly. Achieve every goal set and use any disappointments as a stepping stone. So far so good! I've relocated to a place where I can breathe fresh air & enjoy the wonders of the Creator's works.

I hope to enjoy more world travel and visit far off locales, observe life & create Art. Through a great deal of hard work & a little bit of magic I expect to experience significantly great success & financial gain--but I'll probably retreat from the spotlight & give most of it away through acts of Philanthropy, Poverty Reduction and Humanitarian Causes (think: Social Entrepreneur & Ebay Founder, Pierre Omidyar, and from my research countless other June 21st'ers like Benazir Bhutto, Shirin Ebadi, Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr, Henry O. Tanner, etc.).  Nevertheless, I have experienced great loss, pain and some self inflicted anguish...often my inequities are on display for all to see. Makes for some pretty interesting moments to say the least. I love to read & write and vow to finish and author "An Air of Mystery"  and let the world know about the time that I experienced "Rocket Love". Maybe that will fuel the fire to author many other profound life experiences and adventures. I'll also compose music, write poetry...create and record vibrant works of Art and move to do all things with love. With the true spirit of peace, I will be emotionally wide open...but I wouldn't have this life any other way! It was created for me on June 21st! 

Veni, Vidi, Vici.
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my 3 year old Grand daughter is a summer solstice baby and has been showing signs that she may also be an indigo child. I find this fascinating. She spends a lot of tme with me and I do all I can to encourage her to develop her gifts

Me too June21 1984@ 8:10am in mesa , AZ

I was born 6/21/1974 and, as an adult, I occasionally get the comment, "Oh, a summer solstice baby, crazy day." I have always felt like two people; I want to be a wife and mother, to cook and nurture and mother, but I also have a strong drive to discover new things. I like to explore nature, yoga, music, books, new ideas, spirituality.......I am always looking for the next new thing to read about and practice. I like to sit and read quietly with my coffee but I also like to go out drinking and dancing til dawn. I thought I would change as I got older, but I am only more and more this way. I have learned to love who I am!

I was born on June 21st,1988 at 11:58 pm :) I have never related with anything so much in my life then this and all the responses! It's almost weird! Haha! I've always been different, always felt like my life is supposed to lay out some unknown magic or secret.. I've always felt special being born on the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) :) I am so child like, musical, artsy, playful, silly and drawn to anything magical or with mystery.. <3 I am a Gemini :) I've always conflicted over what I am because of it always being different and honestly sometimes I feel like I am both bc of some of my personality shifts haha but I am more drawn to Gemini and will always be. Much love to all my fellow June 21st babies ;)

Wow.....we are all thw described me, I love to help and would give my last without telling you it was my last,yet with a smile :) the downfall is I learn subjects benificial to our race and has become a outcast :( all I do is study I.t since I am a I.t student..then study free energy,cymatics,ph balancing,philosophers stone,mythology,rh negative..etc and when I sleep...i have vivid dreams that seem real....i feel like something is with me all the time.....anyone else feel like this...also used to get hit with beam and hear ringing

Yes i feel the same way..this post is amazing..and happy birthday everyone:) pne day ot will all prove to mean sonething promise

I must know you,,, this brought tears to my eyes to hear someone so familiar to me, Yet ten years younger.... Happy Birthday dear soul... well,, it's barely over now... I just got home from my evening out... I spent it giving of my love, self,,, and having fun and fellowship... I feel this magical evening especially more than any other birthday.. my first where I am truly in love with spirit, the earth, love i love LOVE itself... I feel love in my every breath and am told I speak with my eyes... I feel so spiritual in my entire being and I could not feel SO much,, without having had felt such tremendous pain and suffering,,, self sacrifice and torcher.. allowing myself to engulf myself in so many feelings that belong to others that at one time, i completely forgot how to feel myself at all... i love you.. you are a very special person. you speak from your heart with honesty... you will put yourself in front of a bus to save someone,,, you will bake cookies for little old ladies, and charm the younger ones I am sure... you are beautiful and creative... you are funny and witty and love to laugh... people like you. no matter what... or they just don't. you love to wt=rite yet never know what you are going to say but always say what you need to be said... you are a dreamer,,and in your dreams truth is revealed,,, some call it intuition, or premitition,, whatever,, it happens... maybe it is magic.. do not fear it, nor inturpert it... more will be revealed.... i love you soul child, spirit with the wind and water,,, call it misty *WINK* being born on the day of love... summer solstice... Gemini-Cancer Cusp at 9:30amish 1972 this year is going to be a powerful one for emotional creatures like ourselves, with the things we are able to see, feel and give... love... i am so happy to have met you... my birthday wish... you told my story up there you see,, it spoke to me.. male or female, i am not sure... you are a beautiful being, and I love you. *grin* be good to yourself, spread love all around,, that's what life is all about you know... the BIG picture! is to love.. love yourself, love another, make love, have children, so you love them teach them to love, and then they do it all over and over and over... LOVE OFTEN! I am filled with Amouris as I write this... Once I learned how to breath, and that my breath was my life source, I started listening.... My spiritual name is Jagdeesh Kaur i hope we meet again. Peace, Love and light....xoxo

Hi, I am Sijia. We have the same birth date June 21, 1972. I can relate to everything you wrote. Happy belated birthday.

hey , I was born on summer solstice too and I am a Master 11...cept i was born in 1963 on the 22nd...a variance that year....I truly resonate...also under a new moon

Me too. Earth's lowest point was on the 22nd that year. Special Cusp of Magic. More spiritually enigmatic like Cancer. Less mentally detached like Gemini. Have been a seeking but sometimes tortured soul. Finally found the beauty in my self and set it free! Now living in Nirvana! Also, as you said, little to no influence from moon that day!

I was also born on the Summer Solstice and feel about things the way you have written. Your words will inspire me even more. Have a blessed day!

Thank you for your kindness! Happy Birthday to you too! Enjoy the day my friend...

I can relate as I was born at 120 something am on june 21 1978 and I feel the emotinal pull of cancer and the duallity of gemini. And not to mention its funny how I get a certain irreplacleable charge from the sun its a beautiful thing jai

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the day my friend...

I was also born on June 21, 1982 and just before finding your story, I was looking up moon phases the day I was (and we were!) born, and found this... <br />
" New Moon: If you were born during the New Moon phase, you have a childlike wonder and excitment about life. Open and demonstrative, you think and act spontaneously. With your bright, bubbly personality, you launch yourself into your work with tremendous enthusiasm. You are at your best when you are generating new ideas <br />
<br />
and beginning fresh projects, ever-hopeful about their outcome. Your eagerness leads you to work fast and furiously, but with the attendant danger that you can all too often exhaust yourself before reaching your goal. On the negative side, you have a habit of seeing life from a purely subjective point of view. You are likely to make<br />
<br />
your mark in life when you are comparatively young, and you will need to learn how to sustain that impulse throughout the rest of your life."

Great info and very much understood! Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the day my friend...

I was born June 22, 1982. Good to know we are special. Regards to all

I posted this story over a year ago and it is amazing to see all of you here sharing your experience (either June 21st'ers or Cusp of Magic) and confirming that this "birthday" thing might make some sense in the grand scheme of things! I hope that you all are traveling well and staying positive --no matter the adversity. Peace! Find me on Twitter @BreeLDavis

I'm glad to find a site where I can share info and chat with other people like me at heart and same the same birth!!

I was born at 6pm on June 21st 1976.. I have always felt this was a really special day to be born and feel proud of it. Glad I am not alone..

Happy Birthday!! Live it up...peace!

I am breathless reading these comments makes me feel whole - not alone

I was born june 21st 1981. I can tell you we are very special ...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy...

I was born at 10:18pm June 21st. this year was very interesting for me I must say. I had my golden birthday on the first day of summer I met my biological family I went through 4 jobs I went through 2 cars I found love in an offbeat manner goodness the list goes on and on. so much personal change! Growing up ive always been drawn to magical ideas fantasy transformation art I taught myself violin piano and guitar I write poetry I sing I dance. Yes we cusp people tend to master a little bit of everything. Ive had many out of body experiences and often suffer from sleep paralysis. Ive seen and felt things that could get me locked away in a psych ward lol this life never seizes to amaze me. Im a cancer with a gemini flare. Moon in gemini with aquarius rising. Venus in Taurus. Mars in Aries.

I was born June 20th at 11:59 pm. I have very strange dreams usually foretelling what will happen next in my life. Like the time my uncle died and the day before I had dreamed him dead at a hospital bed wich is how I saw him the next day. It is very strange and complicated...I am turning 21 this year

i was born on june 20 1155pm and have same experiences

i was born 12: 45 am on june 20. 1988. my mom's water broke down.. and she's just 7 mo's pregnant. i could have been a leo. but it is the summer solstice guess, i am meant to be a geminican. i never really knew at first that i was in the cusp of magic. until i began to read astrology. so many great things have happened to me. been through a hard break up in a 9 yrs relationship. and its my 23rd birthday at exact hour that i wasborn that i decided to broke up with my ex boyfriend then. been single for a year and the time that i was single experienced vivid dreams. see things. feel things that other people would think i am kind of weird. but as time passes. i embrace it. and you guys are right, sometimes i think that i am meant for greater things..

I was just randomly searching online about "people with birthdays on the summer solstice" and I came across this post. I don't know what the cusp of magic? But after reading this and some of the comments I can definitely agree with what's been said. Especially about it being a blessing and a curse. Because I am both cancer and gemini I feel conflicted sometimes cause I see both sides in me, sometimes I feel so confused when making choices or my relationships with people whether it be family, friends, or a new romance. <br />
Lately I've gone through a lot of changes and come to realizations about myself and my life and I've discovered that a lot of the time I have a hard time meeting people who understand me and my values. And after reading this its really nice to know there are others out there who are in the same boat. It's lonely being the only one I know who has these same qualities.

Wow... reading all this is almost dead on. I love the deviant art and how it could be a curse or blessing...<br />
Being a cancimini is hard, always a battle between what's logical and what's emotional and I can't put my brain on shut off mode!! I hate my intuitiveness because I know things without even asking, yet I love it! I googled this because I wanted to see if there were others similar, i guess there is lol

I was born on June 20th, 1978. Actually, I was first born of twin girls. So I've always thought it was even more interesting considering the Gemini sign. But I've always felt more than that. Something deeper, bolder....intense. Crazy things have happened throughout my life that often go on the ' i should write a book' list. When I discovered I actually was born on the cusp of magic it was exciting. Just confirmation I was right. Great to see a group of the same experience!

I was born on the 19th full moon, mom's water broke and i was born breach ~ 7:34 pm.....6 weeks early! <br />
...I dream things for the future..........if i meditate, i "feel" things, and i quite often feel things from certain people. I don't actually 'see' ~ but see images i feel are signs to be known to the key holder.....that's what i call it anyway. someone who understands the signs. my husband can feel my dreams, too.........he can describe the color and moods, I can pick up other peoples energy, if i am not careful, and sometimes it overwhelms me. my name # is 7 ~ birthdate #11. I love the creative side to me, no thinking just doing, and easy.........I believe that we are all waiting for a time when we will know the why's and why we all need each other.

Thanks for that read. I can relate to it, the opposite style tho... I might be born on the 23rd but I got nothing in Gemini... Virgo Moon with a Cancer Mercury to boot. I was born at 12:38 pm right in the afternoon on a Sunday. Suns at 2 Cancer Neptune at 2 Capricorn...

Wow, see? I found this site because I wanted to know if people really are what they are born under. I wanted to find more people like me. It seems almost like I am talking to myself. LOL. It is amazing! OK, I could try to get a MSN if you two would like to join me? I have a yahoo messenger account as we speak. Let me know, It would be super fun to chit chat live. I live in southern CA. What part of the US are you two in?

my thoughts exactly on the royals, ahh yes, I remember reading about the American Bessie Wallis who captured the heart of King Edward. It's an epic love story--and "magically" at the helm of this legendary story are 2 GC cusps! Prince William and I were born on the same day in '82 and for most of our lives I've kept up with him. I'm pretty sure that he will be the next King of the England --probably much earlier than most folks around the world think : )<br />
<br />
Also, I find it really interesting that a couple of the 80's most well known TV moms (i.e., Meredith Baxter & Phylicia Rashad) were born on the cusp of magic! <br />
<br />
Nevertheless in my own Secret Language research I've found that Scorpio-Sags cusps seem to be what I am most attracted to...unfortunately so far at my own demise. Interestingly, both my parents were cusps of other signs--which also added to this interesting brew of mine. : )<br />
<br />
earlier you mentioned "blessed" or "cursed"...I think we are the ones that have to find that balance between the two. As SL states...we represent what is best and worst. So much to discuss...we should find sometime to chat (via skype, fb, msn). We are masters at most things we work towards and risk takers, which makes for an interesting life...but I've found that the isolative part of us (if kept at a minimum) is also just as interesting in producing our limitless creativity.

Oh yeah, check out the secret language of birthdays by Gary Goldstein. That book has us almost right on spot. Being a cusp of magic has been really interesting to me. We do not have the normal life. I'm not sure if we are blessed or cursed. But at least life is fun!!!!

"blessed or cursed" I know, right? xD There's a picture I like that I think sums us up in a nutshell. Cusp of Magic ftw xD I wish there was a forum or chat place we could all talk together on a normal basis...

Yeah, that would be cool. Maybe Yahoo Messenger or something? I never knew why I was so different until I looked up my Birthday. You two are on the 21st. i am born late on the 19th. But my life is good and crazy enough for a book. I guess that is why there are so may writters with our sign.

Hehe... I like to create stories all the time ^^ I created a forum/chat thing in the "Were you born on the Cusp of.." community ^^

Yes, we are not the most normal people. :)Neither are the Pices. I have the book secret birthdays. And the relationship one also. I LOVE those books!! I also always ask a persons birthday. It is soo interesting. I guess the time matters a lot also. if your born early or late, you will be the next day or the previous days character. Something interesting to ponder. There has been 4 cusp of magic royals as ruler in Great Britian since the 1500. Well the 4th one is Prince William. I need to look into it deeper. I am curiuos about how they rule England. It just seems a little strange to me to have that many.

very useful info that The Secret Language took a pretty devestating heartbreak for me to find that book and it answered questions about myself and others that I had been searching for...vedic astrology/numerology/personology...whatever the term it's most definitely a key to the lock of figuring out folks. Now everyone I meet I ask their birthday and then go off to do my research. It appears that I have met just about every person of the 52 weeks...and I have to agree cusp/week of magic folks do not have the normal life : ) but that's just fine with me!

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I am so glad I am not alone. You two are amazing!!!!!

I feel the same way ^^

I'm sure for the next few years we will be experiencing all sorts of wonderful (and not so) gifts from the universe. We had another highlighted day on our birthday June 21st 2011...the Summer Solstice. It was the opposite of the Winter. Most June 21st'ers even shortly before then were catipulted into fame or received some sort of recognition or an opportunity (in one way or another-) think back to Rebecca Black (Friday song) and just before then Prince William married Kate and captivated the world. Life becomes very interesting if you're really paying attention. Also if you are 21 years old this year was your Enlightenment (Amplification). Not to say that things get any easier--but at least you can start to understand your path in life and live a little freer...

I turned 18 actually. But I always wondered if year 21 was special after reading the comic The Darkness (he's my fav superhero btw). Hmmm well actually, alot of bad things have happened this year for me. But it's supposed to be my unlucky year according to the Chinese, so the effects might have been flopped because of that :3

Or more, I guess you could call it the "Year of Irony" or the "Year of Growing". For me, alot of good things have happened but at their very peak they were just destroyed ): I guess I can equate that with Rebecca. According to the Chinese, once the year is over my luck will return. If it's the same for her, I'd be able to see that. Like Lady Gaga, she has an amazing "natural" voice (as in not with any technology as she sings). If she was affected to and she uses her natural voice once the Chinese year is over, she might get uber uber famous ^^ That would be amazing. I love her natural voice ^^ Just a theory though :P

Now you've gotten me to listen to her new songs. She's using her natural voice :D I hope she doesn't turn out like the other girls, cause I'm her fan now ^^ Such a beautiful voice :O

Very interesting! I study alot of astronomy, numbers, etc. & can tell you exactly when that happend for you (us) was during last Winter's Solstice. We had our 7 year regeneration and for me that meant seeing 11:11 and all kinds of interesting symbols and placing philosophy and spirituality on the same plane. It was like an enlightenment of sorts for us....and then went away. For me very vivid dreams, creativity was at it's maximum. I felt kindred with Jean Michel Basquiat and his connection to highly creative intelligence. I had an expansion of the mind. (most folks use only small amounts of their brain capacity--and we work to fill all of that space so to speak). June 21st'ers had that very rare eclipse (that cusped both Gemini/Cancer--like 1 degree off or so) that was discussed throughout the world, & winter (snow) showed up very early, etc. Quite a bit was going on in the world as well and in the meantime we (June 21st'ers) were probably tucked away somewhere observing the chaos and feeding our brains with loads of metaphysical information, creating things, studying philosophy and peacefully resting. Acknowledging the mastery of creation! It was a compelling time to say the least. I am glad that there are others out there as well and that we flock together--as much as June 21st'ers can of course ; )

Wow! I remember at that time it even snowed down in Alabama where I was living. But I didn't see it because I was dead asleep...

That explains so much! :O Um, so...when's the next time an event like that is going to happen...? &gt;.&gt;

So INTERESTING, I would have never imagined there was a site all about JUNE 21st'ers
I was born on June 21 1989... and this comment you made, makes so much sense to me... I have not only began seeing 11.11 all over the place last week till today but I just feel now that I cant miss it and if I do i would think is weird... I do hope it is because is the expansion of the mind, and as much as I can i want to research more and more... because i believe very little in coincidence... I have been having vivid dreams and I feel there is something I need to understand that life is trying to tell me... I just read somewhere that 11.11 is also the time on December 21, 2012 That the mayan calendar and the prophecies, would take place ... there isnt much time outhere...
I really like Philosophy, physcology and everything is related with DEEP meaning of creation and life and how we think...
sometimes i feel like ALIEN, go wonder why if you havent seen the Ancient aliens on the history channel, then you will know what im talking about,
really happy this community exists!!!
Daniel Garcia

Hi. My name's Calan (it means "Victorious Child of War").<br />
<br />
My mother's water broke at Midnight under the New Moon, no stars, and clouds everywhere aka complete and utter darkness. I was born 3 PM by a window on a high story no clouds and extremely sunny in a well lite room aka complete and utter light, no shadows at all.<br />
<br />
The Summer Solstice occurred at my birth's location directly halfway between water breaking and full birth, approximately 7:20~7:40 AM.<br />
<br />
Thus a 100% Pure Cusp :P<br />
<br />
I label myself a Cancimini instead of a Gemican since Cancer is my primary and Gemini is my accent.<br />
<br />
I'm highly poetic though I can't draw worth crud, I love philosophy and have imagined/seen things no one else is even close to. I'm planning to be a Physicist and do Bioelectromagnetism.<br />
<br />
Unfortunately that field doesn't have much in it because the world's technology isn't good enough yet :P<br />
<br />
But I'm trying to rediscover Odic Force and find how to use it.<br />
<br />
<br />
You posting this proved my point that only a Cancimini can know how a Cancimini works. We are truly alike, you and I. I'm so glad there are others out there ^^

Oh! And I have a huge amount of Intuitive powers (thus the philosophy). When I was really little I had this nightmare which held like every fear known to man and eventually my mind guarded itself by putting up barriers (though it lasted quite a bit).

I was not able to see my dreams at all after that until Freshman year. I had a Reincarnation Dream, which I could not see (because of my mind's barriers) but I could feel it completely. This put a crack in the barriers and my Intuition started to return, but very slowly.

Only recently have I realized this much because of it returning.

The next day I started reading up on Philosophy and even Root Races and Ascended Masters. Just out of the blue. I started using my mind like never before.

It was a strange experience, but I'm glad it happened. It completely changed me ^^ I still wonder what my previous life/lives looked like... But I haven't had such a dream since then ):

I was born on June 19th on a full moon. I meditated once for ten minutes a day for 5 consecutive days.and had a paranormal experience. Sooo, I found out I am on this cusp of magic after and do not dare to meditate anymore.